Watch Video : Cristiano Ronaldo grants a young Iranian fan’s wish!

Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Iran on Monday, September 18, in order to get ready for Tuesday’s AFC Champions League match against Iranian team Persepolis FC at the Azadi Stadium.

The streets of Tehran were crowded with hundreds of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite footballer as soon as the 38-year-old arrived there.

Numerous supporters surrounded the bus as Al-Nassr was driven from the airport to the hotel while also doing Ronaldo’s signature “Siiuuu” celebration.

The supporters had gathered outside the hotel where the squad was staying and had been seen ascending a mountain nearby to see Ronaldo, so the police strengthened security there.

A video of a teenage Al-Nassr fan sobbing as he was prevented by the police from meeting the Portuguese surfaced in the midst of all of this.

The youngster was welcomed to the Al-Nassr team room by Ronaldo, who is renowned for having a wonderful demeanor off the field. Ronaldo then realized the youngster’s wish by handing him an autographed shirt.

The entrance of one of the best players of all time is nothing less than a godsend for the youthful people of Iran, who grew up struggling against ongoing economic obstacles and international sanctions, as it has become a source of joy and pleasure.

One of the most well-known people in the world is 38-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo. On Instagram, he is the user with the most followers (605 million).

Numerous footballers were able to come to the Gulf nation after Ronaldo signed a lucrative deal and moved to Al-Nassr in January 2023. Some of the biggest names included Karim Benzema, Neymar, Riyad Mahrez, Sadio Mane, and others.

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