5 new K-dramas to watch in February

With new storylines releasing from production companies and streaming sites, ranging from murder mystery and arranged marriage to one of the most costly to create, February promises to be another fantastic month for K-drama. These are the top five K-dramas that will release in February.

2024 has already brought us a good number of hits, such as the conclusion of Netflix’s My Demon and Marry My Husband. However, we are currently preparing for February, which will deliver some of the most eagerly awaited dramas that have been in development for some months.

The Impossible Heir is one of them. The K-drama, which stars Lee Jae-wook from Alchemy of Souls, was once touted as one of the biggest K-dramas ever made, requiring an investment of 20 billion won. In addition to the intriguing tale of a hidden chaebol heir seeking retribution, a few eagerly awaited K-dramas will also include an original interpretation of an arranged marriage.

February is love month, so even if romance isn’t your thing, you’ll still have fun. Here are all of the K-dramas that air in February to keep you occupied and satisfied across genres.

Branding in Seongsu Dong

Release Date: February 5, 2024

Park Solomon, star of All of Us Are Dead, and Kim Ji-eun co-star in the K-drama Branding in Seongsu Dong, which will premiere in February 2024. Thus, Eun-ho (Park), who is renowned for his youthful radiance, is the oldest intern at a marketing organization. Despite having a free will and a joyful existence, he nonetheless joined the workforce as a committed intern.

He just so happens to have a falling out with his boss, who is the complete opposite of his yo-yo. The oldest and most accomplished marketing team leader to date is Kang Na-eon, also known as Kim. Because of her unwavering perseverance and capacity to rise to any obstacle, she is a living legend. She forfeits her relationships with friends and even love in order to succeed.

Her life changes when she clashes with her coworker and intern. The catch? One kiss has them switching bodies. Can two people with very different personalities make it work? Branding in Seongsu Dong will have 24 episodes and stream on Viki.

A Killer Paradox

Release Date: February 9, 2024

One of the most anticipated K-dramas from Netflix in February 2024 is A Killer Paradox. Lee Tang (Choi Woo-shik) is an ordinary guy with nothing really going on for him. He’s the type of person who’s often overlooked until one day changes everything.

He gets attacked by a guy one evening. That prompts Lee Tang to murder him. He is ready to give himself in after being shaken by what he’s done and feeling overwhelmed with remorse. until he finds out that the person he killed was a serial murderer. Lee Tang discovers a new side of himself and becomes a “vigilante” with the ability to track down and murder evildoers. Is he a merciless murderer or a godsent hero?

Jang Nan-gam, a police investigator (Son Suk-ku), is pursuing him. A Killer Paradox starts a mental game of cat and mouse because Nan-gam thinks Lee Tang is responsible for some of the killings that are taking place. Based on an original webtoon is the K-drama. There will be eight episodes of A Killer Paradox in all.

Wedding Impossible

Release Date: February 26, 2024

A talented female actor has primarily played supporting roles and has never been placed in the limelight. What transpires, though, when she is offered a lifelong role? The show Wedding Impossible centers on Na A-jeong (Jun Jong-seo), who has acted as a married woman more often on screen than in real life. Kim Do-wan’s buddy of fifteen years, Lee Do-han, is the heir apparent to his family’s business and a chaebol.

Do-han, who is constantly pushed to be married, approaches A-jeong for help. To keep his relatives at bay, she must pretend to be his wife. Do-han has a secret, which sets Wedding Impossible apart from other usual friends-to-lovers stories. He doesn’t want his family to know that he is gay.

They enter an arranged marriage that puts a damper on Lee Ji-han’s (Moon Sang-min) plans. He’s Do-han’s younger brother who has meticulously planned his brother’s rise to take over the company. He vows to stop the wedding and relationship at all costs. He even introduces a new love interest for his brother, unaware of his sexual orientation. Wedding Impossible will stream on Viki.

The Impossible Heir

Release Date: February 28, 2024

The Impossible Heir, which is being published byDisney+, has been in the public eye for months since its star-studded announcement. The K-drama’s high investment cost sparked amazement and dismay. The lead character of the K-drama, Lee Jun-young’s Kang In-ha, has been impoverished all of his life. When he finds out he is the illegitimate son of a conglomerate CEO and a chaebol heir, he abandons everything.

But his rag-to-riches story isn’t a smooth one as he’s alienated and hated by his newfound family. This story is all about taking what’s rightfully theirs and landing at the top of the food chain. In-ha asks for help from his childhood friend Han Tae-oh (Lee Jae-wook). He’s the son of a murderer father. Together, they devise a plan to take over the company.

Pyramid Game

Release Date: February 29, 2024

In Pyramid Game, popularity turns fatal. Sung Soo-ji (Bona) moved to a different school and class in the K-drama from February. Although her new class, grade 2 class 5, appears to be quiet and pleasant, it’s actually a front for something far worse. She finds out that the class plays a voting game called Pyramid Game. It’s just her class that participates, and votes are distributed according to popularity. The drawback? The individual with the fewest votes receives a failing grade and becomes a victim of violence in the school.

Soo-ji becomes the next target and no one cares. She soon sets out to stop the bullying and dismantle the Pyramid Game.

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