A slaughter is hinted at in the House of the Dragon Season 2 promo.

HBO Max recently dropped the first look at House of the Dragon Season 2, which highlights the bloody war to come.

The much awaited second season of HBO Max’s House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones spin-off, was finally shown to fans after a year of anticipation.

The show centers on the ongoing conflict between House Targaryen and Hightower over who would possess the powerful Iron Throne.

Fans are getting their first glimpse at the impending conflict in a new teaser. The first season saw several betrayals, with the season finale culminating in a horrifying yet noteworthy death.

House of the Dragon Season 2 will see more familial deaths

During the HBO panel at CCXP or Comic Con Experience in Brazil, fans got their first look at House of the Dragon Season 2.

You can check out the full trailer below:

The teaser foreshadows the Dance of Dragons, an impending civil war between the Targaryens and Hightowers following the usurpation of the Iron Throne by Princess Rhaenyra’s half-brother, Aegon II, following the death of their father, King Viserys.

As Aegon and his mother/Rhaenyra’s childhood best friend Alicent Hightower assumed control of the kingdom and ostensibly banished her to Dragonstone, the two sides were preparing to go to war at the end of Season 1.
But when Rhaenyra’s other half-brother, Aemond, unintentionally killed her oldest son, Prince Lucerys, during their battle on the dragon back, that’s when the real carnage started.

Based on this initial glimpse, it seems that the sequel will center on the war’s happenings, the significant part the family’s dragons will play in the combat, and Rhaenyra’s plan for retaliation for her child’s death.

Summer 2024 is when Season 2 of House of the Dragon is scheduled to debut. More of Dexerto’s coverage on it is available here.

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