All screens are Xboxes. Microsoft attempts to increase workers before the unavoidable reaction of today

Whatever Microsoft says in its Business Update later today, it’s sort of hard to think that die-hard Xbox fans will support it. It goes without saying that the majority of individuals in the general public won’t give a damn or even be aware of Phil Spencer and company’s plans; nevertheless, for those who are utilizing Xbox’s social media accounts tonight, it might be wise to simply log off and shut down.

In the event that Microsoft, as anticipated, announces a way for some of its biggest exclusives to find their way onto rival consoles from Sony and Nintendo, helping them establish themselves as the industry leader in cross-platform gaming, those who subscribed to the Xbox ecosystem in order to get exclusive titles like Sea of Thieves and Starfield, along with Sony enthusiasts proclaiming victory in the console wars, it is not going to be pretty.

There will be problems for Microsoft, which is currently selling significantly fewer consoles than its competitors, despite the spin, since Inverse is claiming that an internal “town hall” meeting with employees was held in advance of tonight’s antics. It is difficult to understand how a new primary console would fit into the bigger vision if all of Microsoft’s studios were publishing for everything, especially in light of rumors that two new pieces of Xbox hardware are in the works. But a portable that could compete with the Steam Deck may be an entirely other story.

Staff members were given a tour of the concept by Spencer and Xbox President Sarah Bond, who declared, “Every screen is an Xbox.” They were shown several pictures of the unexpected hit Palworld being played on various portable and mobile devices. Of course, Palworld is also accessible on Steam, and a lot of gamers would contend that this version is now better than the Game Pass version since fixes and upgrades are released on Steam first.

Even though we already know what happened, Microsoft employees were not permitted to talk to the media prior to today’s announcement. However, the accounts from the town hall above were leaked under the condition of anonymity.

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