An update on the release date of the video game EA Sports College Football

Where things stand right now as college football fans await the return of the EA Sports video game

Though some reports claim a date has been chosen, the firm is holding off on revealing the planned release date of the highly anticipated comeback of the EA Sports College Football video game.

Following Gators Breakdown’s story that EA intended to release the game on July 12 of this year, representatives from EA Sports informed Matt Brown of Extra Points that they had “not shared a date with anybody” regarding the game.

Although a specific release date has not been announced, it has been anticipated that the game would most likely be available for purchase sometime in the summer of 2024.

Originally, EA Sports intended for OneTeam Partners to negotiate on behalf of athletes so that their names, likenesses, and images may appear in the intended game.

To prevent EA from doing business with gamers and educational institutions, The Brandr Group, in response, filed a lawsuit this past summer. In November, Brandr reached a settlement with OneTeam Partners and withdrew its lawsuit against EA.

The last time EA released its well-liked college football video game was in 2013, at which point the business declared it would be ending development of the title.

That choice was made in response to a court order compelling EA Sports to compensate players who had previously been featured in the product but had not received payment.

Then, two years after the new NIL regulations were established, EA made a public statement stating that the game will be coming back eventually.

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