Palworld is it cross-platform?

Does Palworld allow cross-platform gaming and cross-console communication? Good news and bad news for PC gamers who want to hunt and/or shoot animals with their friends on Xbox: the game doesn’t support that at launch, but if developer commentary is any indication, that might not be the case for long. Below, we’ll go over Palworld’s cross-platform features and how they can evolve in the future for anyone who are interested in learning more.

Can you play Palworld cross-platform?

Palworld will not debut with cross-platform play or Xbox cross-play capabilities, as the developers have said on their own Discord channel. During a lengthy Q&A, the following was mentioned:

“Is Xbox and Steam cross-play supported in Palworld? We are striving to make this feasible as soon as possible, but not at launch! (This also implies that until cross-play is implemented, PC Game Pass users cannot use Steam.”

As a result, players who download the game at launch will only be able to play with other players on the same platform. However, it appears like Pocketpair, Inc., the developer, is very motivated to fix this. Players will have to wait and see for the time being since there is presently no estimated schedule for when this will be fixed (we advise keeping an eye on the aforementioned Discord server for updates).

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