Attack on Titan: The 85-Minute Special will premiere on October 28 and feature a new trailer.

On October 28, at 12:00 JST, the final trailer for Attack on Titan will be shown. The conclusion will be an 85-minute special that will air. The trailer will air on Pony Canyon’s channel.

The anime series is throwing an online event called Attack on Titan: After Party to commemorate the end of the show. The first-ever art book for the series will be released in April 2024, in addition to the event. In addition to full-color drawings, the book will have a brand-new eighteen-page narrative called Bad Boy. Recently, the cover image with Levi, Gabi, and Falco was made public.

The conclusion may be streamed on Crunchyroll. The platform explains the special episodes’ plot as follows:
As Eren unleashes the Titans’ greatest strength, the destiny of the entire world is at stake. He leads an invincible army of Colossal Titans in Marley’s direction, driven by a passionate desire to destroy everyone who poses a danger to Eldia. The only issue now is whether or not a motley group of his past allies and foes will be able to stop him from completing his murderous objective.

Source: Attack on Titan Official Website

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