Dead by Daylight Teasing Big Reveal for November 8

The Dead by Daylight knife silhouette has the DBD community in a frenzy, with most believing that Chucky, the legendary murder doll, is on the way.

The DBD community is going into overdrive with theories about a knife silhouette seen in Dead by Daylight. Fans are speculating about a wide range of possible crossovers after seeing an exceedingly basic DBD teaser from developer BHVR Interactive. I’m here to dissect some of these theories and rule out the others. The general consensus is that it’s a Chucky knife.

To begin with, the Dead by Daylight teaser indicates that we may “learn more on November 8,” so it seems unlikely that we will have to wait long to find out more about the cooperative horror game. Three knives from known murders in the game are displayed on a wall in the DBD teaser. The fourth knife, which is only a shadow, appears to have been on the wall for a considerable amount of time. It is a huge kitchen knife.
As you may guess, this alone doesn’t reveal much, but it does point to a potential new Dead by Daylight killer given that the other knives are owned by previously identified DBD killers. Michael Myers from Halloween will immediately be disqualified by me because he is already in the game.

Other theories include the Child’s Play crossover DBD Chucky, Art the Clown from the newly viral Terrifier films, the Five Nights at Freddie’s version of Springtrap (as he does carry a knife in the movie), or even Norman Bates from Psycho.

A stool can also be seen toward the bottom of the picture, which some are interpreting as a suggestion that Chucky needs to climb in order to reach the knife on the rack. Though I’m not sure how I feel about that logical leap, none of this has prevented Twitter and the DBD subreddit from going totally crazy with guesswork.

However, there is a more important piece of evidence that connects this to Chucky. In the Curse of Chucky, there is a wall rack of knives with one strangely missing at precisely 32:53 in the runtime. However, I must thank “PastyWhiteGuy83” on the subreddit for providing the proof on this one; may God bless him.

We’ve compiled a list of all the Dead by Daylight rankings and codes so you may keep them in mind in advance as we wait for official news on the DBD teaser from BHVR.

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