Does Gojo die in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Following the completion of Jujutsu Kaisen’s fight of the strongest, fans are worried about what will happen to their favorite character, Satoru Gojo. This is a synopsis of the essential information.

Since Sukuna is the King of Curses, he is the most lethal being in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. As a result, nobody could ever defeat him, not even the most powerful sorcerers like Gojo. However, Gojo previously told Yuji that the evil entity would go if he faced Sukuna head-on.

Because Gojo demonstrated his actual abilities so frequently in Jujutsu Kaisen, fans had the same beliefs. Moreover, he was strong and unstoppable because of his Infinity.

Even though up until the previous chapter, everything appeared to be going Gojo’s way, the “Honored One” ultimately fell short against the King of Curses. Explore more to see if Jujutsu Kaisen results in Gojo’s death.

Does Gojo die in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 236?

Indeed, in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 236 Gojo passes away.

Gojo is seen in Chapter 236 lying dead on the ground with his body sliced in half. Even while it doesn’t seem likely, some fans may believe that Gojo will somehow resurrect. This is due to the fact that Gojo bids his buddies farewell in a vision after losing against Sukuna. Gojo thus acknowledges his loss and the reality that he will not be coming back.

Therefore, the likelihood of us ever seeing our favorite character Gojo again is little to none (unless Gege Akutami reveals him in a flashback).

It was Mahoraga, Sukuna’s shikigami, who helped him murder Gojo in the end. Mahoraga has a skill that lets him adjust to the opponents’ abilities. He thus treats Gojo in the same way. Gojo’s adaptation speed increases with the amount of attack he unleashes on Sukuna, teaching her how to finally take down Gojo.

Sukuna made the wise decision to play deftly, depending entirely on Mahoraga, knowing what Gojo’s Limitless was capable of. The Shikigami, in the meantime, keeps altering his Cursed Energy, which aided in the creation of a blueprint. This blueprint is essential to defeating Gojo’s Infinity. That was evident when Mahoraga’s CE peaked and the Shikigami launched an attack that was intended to hit the whole Space rather than just Gojo. And since Gojo was a part of that planet and the entirety of Infinity was divided in two, he was doomed.

Since the Prison Realm was just recently featured in the anime series, a lot of the manga needs to be animated. Therefore, even if Gojo’s demise has been shown in the manga, you may still see him on your screens—just not for too long.

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