Does Modern Warfare 3 include a slider for the FOV? Beta leaks provide the first information

Does this year’s new Call of Duty release, Modern Warfare 3, feature a Field of View (FOV) slider among its list of settings? Here’s what we know thanks to some early beta leaks.

The CoD franchise has annual installments, and die-hard fans always try to push the envelope and maximize their enjoyment. Raising your FOV is another approach to getting an advantage, along with raising your FPS.

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You can always see more of the world by enlarging your perspective, whether on a console or a computer. This implies that foes who were previously off to your side but still in view suddenly come into the frame for a quick kill.

Will this year’s Call of Duty have a FOV slider? It’s been a feature that has been desired more and more in recent years, and with Modern Warfare 3 coming soon, it makes sense. This is what we do know.

Just hours after the Modern Warfare 3 beta pre-load went online on the PlayStation Network, this was first made public. Quickly gaining access to the early release, leakers posted a variety of settings online, including the first glimpse of the FOV slider.

Much like in recent installments, this year’s CoD title will give players the option to expand or reduce their FOV to suit their playstyle.

The default value is seemingly set to 80, with the ability to expand all the way up to 120 FOV. There’s also an option to expand the setting, likely to tweak finer values and really hone in on your optimal field of view.

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