Dragon Ball Super enemies are ordered by strength.

We’ve pulled out our scouter to rate the Dragon Ball Super villains according to strength level, ranging from Hit to Toppo and Zamasu to Broly.

Our beloved Dragon Ball characters were made to train like never before in order to unleash previously unimaginable levels of strength by Dragon Ball Super, which also brought back one iconic foe. The show presented numerous great villains. These misfits included gods, aliens, and heroes from other worlds among their ranks.

But one thing unites them all: their extraordinary strength. Indeed, it may be difficult to determine who was stronger than whom because these combatants were so strong and Dragon Ball Super’s power-scaling was so erratic.

Don’t worry, however. I’ve gone through every Dragon Ball Super story to compile an unquestionable list of the greatest Dragon Ball Supervillains in honor of Dragon Ball Z finally being available for streaming in the UK. To be clear, we haven’t yet included any manga-only characters like Granhola and Moro, but don’t worry. Yes, they do exist, and we are aware of their might.

10. Zamasu

Zamasu from Dragon ball Super

Zamasu, Gowasu’s omnicidal pupil, may not appear to be a warrior at first, but his quiet demeanor belied his extraordinary strength. Zamasu could match Super Saiyan 2 Goku go-to-go, and his future rival could even take on Saiyan Blue (almost literally, because he was eternal). Unfortunately, despite his great fighting skills, the murderous deity lacks the physical power of other fighters on this list and must instead rely on cunning and stealth assaults to prevail in battle.

9. Hit

Hit from Dragon Ball Super

Hit would be at the top of the list if we were ranking characters based just on how amazing they appear (he has a space trench coat!). Unfortunately, it is untrue. Hit’s special fighting style makes him more appropriate for hit-and-run attacks than drawn-out engagements, even if his ability to halt time makes him a lethal fighter and maybe Universe 6’s greatest unfused fighter. We thus don’t see him defeating the other fighters on the list in a one-on-one match, even though he is capable of making them sweat.

8. Goku Black

Goku Black from Dragon Ball Super

For many years, fans of Dragon Ball have dreamed of an evil Goku (sorry, Turles, you’re not canonical—and sh*t), and in 2016, Goku Black made their wish come true. Since it may make you uncomfortable, we won’t go into his backstory. In essence, he is a different Zamasu who took Goku’s body. He thus possesses all of Goku’s strength in addition to Zamasu’s godpowers.

This naturally makes Black a terrifying opponent in battle. Black is frightening because, despite having a ton of amazing special moves and amazing raw power, his power keeps increasing with each hit he takes. He arguably had the potential to become the most formidable foe the Z-Fighters had ever encountered given enough time, but he foolishly nerfed himself by fusing with a different Zamasu (his past was quite complicated, as we previously revealed).

7. Kefla

Kefla in Dragon Ball Super

Like all fusion characters, Kefla is absurdly powerful. She is a hybrid of Kale and Caulifla, also known as canon Broly (before to Broly’s canonization). She can battle Super Saiyan God Goku in her Super Saiyan state, even forcing him to switch to his blue form. Her ki is said to be boundless in the anime, and she is referred to as Universe 6’s “true trump card.” Given her strength, why then has Kefla been ranked so low? Her worst flaw, though, is her conceit. Since she truly makes Vegeta seem insignificant, Goku is able to knock her aside at the Tournament of Power with a little assistance from Ultra Instinct.

6. Fused Zamasu

Fused Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super

What would happen if Zamasu and Goku Black were fused together? You receive Fused Zamasu, a heavenly monster capable of defeating a Super Saiyan Blue Vegetto. With the added heavenly strength and immortality of Zamasu, Fused Zamasu possesses all the strengths of Goku Black.

Though he does have one major weakness, this makes him one of the strongest villains in the series, much to the surprise of no one. Goku Black wasn’t eternal, but Zamasu was, and it turns out it wasn’t a very good combination. Because of this, Fused Zamasu’s body was unable to recover fully from Vegetto’s attacks, and as a consequence, he seemed to have been microwave-melted action figure.

5. Toppo

Toppo in Dragon Ball Super

Though his large, bushy mustache gives him the appearance of an amiable extraterrestrial grandfather, Toppo is not to be taken lightly. Toppo is a God of Destruction in training and the head of the Pride Troopers, making him one of Universe 11’s most powerful fighters. He traded blows with some of the strongest characters in the series, like as Gohan and 17-year-old Vegeta, when he was in his basic form.

But when he unleashes his true power—his ability to call upon the god of Destruction—he becomes nearly unbeatable. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what happened to Frieza—the deity in waiting transformed him into a human (or alien?) punching bag. However, Toppo is not without flaws. In particular, he is a man of principles, and Vegeta was able to exploit the weakness in his psychological defenses caused by his rejection of those beliefs and embracing of his more feral side.

4. Broly

Broly in Dragon Ball Super

A certain segment of the Dragon Ball fandom argued for years that Broly was the most formidable antagonist in the show. Because Broly was not canon, the discussion was pointless and endlessly boring. Toei, however, altered that in 2019 by modernizing the massive Saiyan and appropriately integrating him into the narrative.

Even though Broly underwent a lot of tweaks to make him, well, more interesting, they managed to preserve one essential element of the character: his ridiculous strength. Yes, largely because of his legendary Super Saiyan transformation, Broly is one of the most absurdly strong characters. It’s debatable if Broly had the strength to prevail in that battle; he simply lacked the ability to overcome a more accomplished martial artist. It took Vegeta and Goku merging to become Gogeta to take him down.

3. Jiren

Jiren in Dragon Ball Super

Many of the villains in Dragon Ball have an oddity. Beerus is slothful, Cell is conceited, Vegeta is arrogant, and Frieza is all of the above. Jiren’s strength is one of his quirks. Thus, it should come as no surprise that he is extremely powerful. Well, despite my dislike of Jiren (if characters from Dragon Ball were paint colors, he would be the tin), he does have some positive qualities. He is the toughest combatant in Universe 11 and is said to be more powerful than Belmod, the God of Destruction who resides there. This enables him to repel several formidable adversaries simultaneously, as seen by his simultaneous battles with Frieza and Goku. The worst flaw about him is his independence. Because he doesn’t understand the benefit of collaborating with his allies, Jiren is unable to predict the tactics of his opponents, which leaves him open to being eliminated in the Tournament of Power.

2. Frieza

Frieza in Dragon Ball Super

After Trunks converted Frieza into overdone kebab meat, we assumed we had seen the last of the cosmic tyrant. Frieza was the second main villain in Dragon Ball Z. Frieza made two appearances in Dragon Ball Super, even joining forces with Goku and his friends in the Tournament of Power, thus it certainly proves what we already know. Without a question the most naturally gifted combatant in the whole series, Frieza is a pint-sized behemoth.

After only a few months of training, he was strong enough to defeat Super Saiyan Blue Goku, and following his second loss, he was able to increase his power level by mentally preparing himself (just go with it in hell). He’s gone one step further in the Dragon Ball Super manga, having discovered a new “Black Form” that gives him superhuman strength over both Goku and Vegeta.

1. Beerus


The ultimate power in Universe 7 is Beerus. We haven’t yet seen a combatant with strength comparable to his, and it’s doubtful that we will in the near future. He has access to god ki because he is a deity. With a single wave of his palm, he can destroy anyone, and in the manga, we saw him battle many Gods at once. His worst flaw is his lack of motivation to battle; he just cannot be arsed.

We have a ton of articles about Goku and his buddies if you can’t get enough of them. We have a list of the top ten Dragon Ball Z battles, instructions on how to watch Dragon Ball Z from anywhere in the globe, and a strength rating of the Super characters.

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