Everything we know about Frozen 3: Cast, story, and more

Now that Frozen 3 is formally in production at Disney, it’s time to set it aside and make a snowman. Here’s everything we know so far, including the cast, storyline, and possible release date.

With each movie earning over a billion dollars, Frozen is one of Disney’s most successful franchises. A third movie in the series is already in development, proving that the snow train isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Along with a number of other sequels and announcements, Disney CEO Bob Iger recently said that a third Frozen film was now in production.

But does the film have a release date? Or a plot? Well, here’s everything we know so far, so carry on reading to find out.

Is there a Frozen 3 release date?

No, a release date for Frozen 3 is not yet known, although it most certainly won’t happen until 2025 at the latest.

Although there isn’t any official word on when Frozen 3 will be released, given that Frozen 1 came out in 2013 and Frozen 2 debuted in 2019, we may assume that it will happen sometime in 2025. Though we might have to wait till 2027 because Frozen 2 was out four years after it was first announced,

Given that the release dates of the first two Frozen movies were in November, we can also assume that the third movie will follow suit.

Frozen 3 cast: Who will appear in the film?

As of now, only Idina Menzel has been confirmed for Frozen 3. However, we can likely expect these faces—or rather, voices—to make an appearance again.

  • Kristen Bell as Anna
  • Idina Menzel as Elsa
  • Josh Gad as Olaf
  • Jonathan Groff as Kristoff

We may also expect the return of Martha Plimpton, Sterling K. Brown, Alfred Molina, Jason Ritter, and

Rachel Matthews to reappear, as all were cast as characters that survived the sequel film.

Menzel said, “All I know is, yeah, we are going to make one, and that’s it,” in a recent interview with Billboard, confirming that Frozen 3 is coming and that she will be in it. I think, “Hey, that’s great; I can pay my bills.”

Jennifer Lee co-directed the first two Frozen movies with Chris Buck, but she might not be able to do so now that Lee is the head creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios. But Buck may come back, and Lee might still be heavily involved in the making of the third installment.

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