Everything we know about Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions Season 2

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions has been renewed for Season 2. Here’s what we know so far.

Fans of shonen anime worldwide should rejoice. A second season of the TV anime version of Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions has been confirmed.

Since its release in 2020, the mystery crime thriller Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective, which is based on Akira Amano’s detective series, has amassed a sizable fan base.

Fans now get the news they’ve been waiting for after the anime adaptation’s first season, which ran from October to December 2023, was a huge hit. The second season of Ron Kamonohashi: Forbidden Deductions has been renewed.

Ron Kamonohashi: Forbidden Deductions renewed for a second season

The anime line up for 2024 gets better every day. Especially following the announcement of the renewal of yet another hit series, Ron Kamonohashi: Forbidden Deductions.

On December 25, it was officially announced that Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions was officially renewed. And fans have taken to X/Twitter to celebrate the news, with one commenting: “So Underrated”, and another posting that “the list for 2024 is insane!”

What’s the story behind Ron Kamonohashi: Forbidden Deductions?
The focus of this incredible series is the relationship between police detective Totomaru Isshiki and eccentric private investigator Ron Kamonohashi, who is a sixth-generation descendant of Sherlock Holmes, in their fight against crime.

Ron Kamonohashi was a standout student at Detective Training Academy Blue five years ago. But he was kicked out of the academy and lost his detective license due to a deadly period of momentary insanity.

After losing his position as a detective and being unable to follow his passion of unraveling mysteries, Ron Kamonohashi withdrew from society. That is, until Totomaru, a police officer, asks him for assistance with a case, at which point they collaborate to solve mysteries.

Ron Kamonohashi: Forbidden Deductions Season 2 cast

Studio Diomedea animated the first season of the anime, which ran for a total of 13 episodes. And it was directed by Shota Ibata, known for The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent. Wataru Watari was in charge of the series composition, with Yo Tsuji behind the musical score. UNISON SQUARE GARDEN performed the opening theme song Ikenai Fool Logic and hockrockb performed the closing theme Lip-sync.

The main cast, which we can expect to return for Season 2 includes:

  • Yohei Azakami as Ron Ramonohashi
  • Junya Enoki as Totomaru “Toto” Isshiki
  • Taku Yashiro as Spitz Feier

The series aired from October to December 2023 on Tokyo MX in Japan, with Crunchyroll holding the international streaming rights.

Is there a Ron Kamonohashi: Forbidden Deductions Season 2 trailer?

While we don’t have a trailer for the newly announced Season 2, you can check out the trailer for Season 1 to see why this anime series gained such a huge following.

While we don’t have an official release date for Season 2, we’ll make sure to keep you updated as soon as the details are announced. In the meantime, make sure to check out Season 1 on Crunchyroll.

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