Is Backstroke on Netflix? The short film explained

The horror short film Backstroke received a lot of attention because of TikTok, and a lot of people are curious about if it can be seen on Netflix. Here’s where and how to watch Backstroke right now.

Backstroke is a four-minute horror film that became popular on TikTok mostly because its author claimed it was among Netflix’s top films in the version that was uploaded there.

But that just tells part of the tale. The actual Backstroke is a 10-minute short film from 2019, of which this four-minute excerpt makes up only 40%.

The TikTok version also has electronic music blasted over the top of the action, and largely inaccurate subtitles playing at the bottom of the screen. So where can you see the full film? And is it among the new movies on Netflix?

Is Backstroke on Netflix?

No, Backstroke is not on Netflix. The full film was posted to the ‘Alter’ account on YouTube in 2019 and can be watched for free there.

The confusion seems to have occurred when the edited version of Backstroke was uploaded to TikTok with that Netflix proclamation on the screen.

Indeed, the comments underneath feature messages like, “Just looked on Netflix it wasn’t there,” and, “This idiot keep saying on Netflix not on Netflix.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

What is Backstroke about?

Backstroke is about two runaway teenagers who steal a car. When they drive down to Florida, things take a dark turn.

When will movie characters realize that their spontaneous trip to Florida seldom ends well? Writer and director Robbie Barclay produced the movie in 2017. The teenagers in question, Jake and Amber, are portrayed by Shemar Jonas and Josefine Christoffersen.

Ahead, some spoilers…

After they arrive in the country and engage in some enjoyable activities with a pistol, Amber instructs Jake to close his eyes and count while she dashes off to go skinny-dipping. When a guy, portrayed by Tom Frank, shows up at the water’s edge and starts asking odd questions, things get twisted. prior to informing Amber of Jake’s passing.

In some way, Amber returns to her car and clothing, but Jake is nowhere to be found. And the movie has a cruel twist at the one moment when it looks like she could get away. We suggest watching the original cut of this entertaining short on YouTube instead than the severely edited version on TikTok.

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