John Cena signs up with OnlyFans, but not for what you may expect

John Cena, a famous actor and wrestler, has joined OnlyFans after online investigators discovered an official account with a picture of him under a different name.

John Cena is a genuine entertainer since, in addition to promoting his movies, projects, and advertisements, the actor and professional wrestler has made appearances on social media at several influencer events and podcasts.

However, the actor appears to have entered a new entertainment vertical, as seen by his social media promotion of what appears to be an OnlyFans account. Although Cena’s visage appears as the profile photo on the account, it isn’t linked to him. Since the account has been validated by the platform, it doesn’t appear to be fake.

While this might lead some to think that the actor is opening up a new, spicy form of revenue for himself, the account is more about promoting another venture.

John Cena’s OnlyFans account is under Ricky Stanicky

The adult platform account is registered as Ricky Stanicky, which is the title of Cena’s upcoming comedy movie project with Zac Effron releasing this year.

The plot of the film centers around Zac Effron’s character, who hires John Cena’s character, a stripper, to impersonate his imaginary buddy Rick Stanicky. The account created in the name of Stanicky appears to be a publicity gimmick for the film, which is scheduled for release in early March.

The OnlyFans profile features John Cena’s face.

Regarding the account, Cena has also written on social media, assuring followers it’s “like you’ve never seen me before.” Visit the bio’s link to subscribe.

In actuality, Rick Stanicky’s X/Twitter account is linked at the top. Two four and a half-second videos with the following captions have already been posted on the account: “Who wants to give this another go?” Moreover, “how deep can it go?”

Few fans have realized how the OnlyFans account’s direct marketing relates to his impending film, and most have just been stunned by it thus far.

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