Cast of Physical 100 Season 2: Every participant thus far

Here is the Season 2 cast roster for Netflix’s Physical 100, which returns this fall as more competitors vie for the title of greatest physique.

In the midst of Single’s Inferno, The Devil’s Plan, and other hits, 100 was a fan favorite. It included competitions between bodybuilders, firefighters, Olympic athletes, gym aficionados, and other groups. A sequence of tasks evaluated their stamina and power.

Why? To determine who genuinely possesses the greatest muscles that aren’t simply for show. The foreboding host indicated they weren’t done searching for the best after the first season winner. Physical 100 Season 2—Subterranean, which takes place in a subterranean mine and has a new cast of competitors and obstacles, was revealed by Netflix.

The first season had some notable celebrities like Tarzan, Agent H, and mixed martial artist Choo Sung-hoon. With a new cast for Physical 100 Season 2, here are the hopefuls.

Kim Dong-hyun

Kim Dong-hyun is one of the season’s celebrities that Korean entertainment fans will recognize. He started his career as a fighter in Japan and South Korea before joining the UFC’s welterweight division. When it comes to martial arts, he’s trained in Judo, Taekwondo, and Hapkido. Kim is currently retired and married with three children.

When it comes to his celebrity status, many know him from a variety of series like Law of the Jungle, Master in the House, DoReMi Market, The Return of Superman, and Strong Heart.

Hong Beom-seok

Returning to Physical 100 is Season 2 contestant Hong Beom-seok. He was eliminated early on in the competition series and returns to once again prove his worth. Hong is a jack of all trades when it comes to his credentials as a former Special Forces soldier of the Republic of South Korea.

He was discharged as a sergeant in 2017 and appointed as a firefighter and a rescue specialist. In 2022, he quit being a firefighter to take part in a competition series. He’s good friends with Season 1 contestant Agent H.

Sim Yu-ri

Physical 100 Season 2 introduces cast member and contestant Sim Yu-ri. She’s a mixed martial artist and fighter. According to her Instagram, she’s a Road FC champion and CrossFit coach. On YouTube and Instagram, she showcases parts of her life and intense training.

Kang Cheong-myeong

Netflix introduced Kang Cheong-myeong to the cast of competitors for Physical 100 Season 2. For now, all fans know is that he’s a Coast Guard officer. He also appeared in the reality competition series Steel Troops. The series gathered male army reserve soldiers from various special forces units. They group together to take on a series of challenges to test their skills.

Lim Soo-jin

Like the first season, Season 2 will bring back bodybuilders as part of the cast. Including IFBB Figure Pro Lim Soo-jin. Her Instagram page reveals her efforts in the gym to sculpt and craft every muscle in her body. The question is whether her impressive physique will be enough to survive Physical 100 Season 2.

Ku Sung-hoe

Few details are known about Ku Sung-hoe. All Netflix has revealed is that he’s a Reserve Seargent First Class.

Ko Jong-hun

Like other contestants for Season 2, Ko Jung-hun also comes from a military background. He’s a Special Operations Unit member. Fans will have to wait and see if he has what it takes to stay in the competition.

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Known as Gibson, he will be one to watch in Physical 100 Season 2. He’s described by Netflix as a United States Army officer.

Park Woo-jin

Joining the ranks of military personnel competing in the new season is Park Woo-jin. He’s a Coast Guard officer for South Korea.

Seol Young-ho

The Physical 100 Season 2 cast of contestants will include MMA fighter Seol Young-ho. According to Tapology, he’s a heavyweight fighter with one loss.

Jo Sung-bin

Another MMA fighter joins the cast with Jo Sung-bin. On his Instagram, he’s known as the Korean Falcon,, who is a UFC and PFL fighter. He’s a featherweight fighter based in the US with nine wins and three losses.

Ham Young-jin

Ham Young-jin will join Physical 100 Season 2 thanks to his experience as a police officer and skill in judo.

Hunter Lee

Physical 100 Season 2 is shaking things up this season by broadening their contestant pool. The season will include FBI diplomat Hunter Lee. Some sleuthing online found a LinkedIn profile of someone with the same name. The profile reveals he works for the United States Embassy in Seoul, is a U.S. Navy Reserve, and has served 12 years with the FBI.

Hwang Mun-kyeong

Hwang Mun-kyeong joins the competition series with her expertise as a firefighter and paramedic. A Google search of her name resulted in her participation in a CrossFit competition.

Jang Sung-yeop

The Physical 100 Season 2 cast of contestants includes bodybuilder Jang Sung-yeop. Per his Instagram, he’s also an IFBB Pro and knows Season 1 contestant Kim Kang-min. It’s clear that Jang has the muscles to intimidate, but let’s see how well they do in the competition.

Lee Hyun-woo

Next to nothing is known about contestant Lee Hyun-woo, who is tagged as a bodybuilder for Physical 100 Season 2.

Kang Eun-hee

Competing with some of the best is bodybuilder Kang Eun-hee. With thousands of followers on Instagram, Kang shares tidbits about her personal life and her intense training.

Kim Nam-wook

And yet another bodybuilder to the roster with Kim Nam-wook. The 27-year-old explains on his Instagram that he has a master’s degree in exercise physiology and dreams of becoming a national athlete.

Kim Min-su

Known as Thanos among fans, Kim Min-su joins Physical 100 Season 2 as a competitor. He’s an IFBB pro bodybuilder and Olympian. His Instagram reveals he also knows Season 1 contestant Jin Hyeong-jo.

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