K-dramas Wedding Impossible: Cast, storyline, release date, and more

A brand-new Korean drama about lifelong friends who fall in love after a year of dating is on the way. Fans are curious about the forthcoming K-drama Wedding Impossible; here’s what we know.

Fans of K-drama have a lot of dramas to look forward to in 2024. Fans are drawn to Wedding Impossible because it addresses a common cliche that they have seen a lot of. The well-known friends-to-lovers cliché frequently results in an engaging plot.

According to the cliché, the main male and female characters frequently have a platonic connection and never really regard each other as more than that. However, some events make individuals aware of their actual emotions. It may succeed if a few speed bumps are included.

Wedding Impossible will address the cliché, but it will do it in a novel way that may surprise a lot of people. All of the information is here.

Wedding Impossible: What is the K-drama about?

An unseen actor decides to take the chance to become the lead star of her story when her chaebol heir friend wants her to pose as his wife to appease his family.

Wedding Impossible centers on Nah Ah-jeong, a female performer. She’s never been cast in the major role; she’s always landed additional parts. Despite her brilliance, she has never received recognition for her dedication to her career, and she has performed several times as a married lady.

Do-han, her 15-year-old male companion, comes to her for assistance when he needs it. Do-han is the son of the LJ Group’s chaebol owners. His family has a secret and has been pressuring him against his will to get married. He is a homosexual man. He wants Ah-jeong to pretend to be his wife and their daughter-in-law in order to get them off his back.

Perceiving it as her greatest professional chance, she agrees. However, there is an issue. Do-ha’s younger brother, Lee Ji-han, has a plot of his own to make his brother the CEO. His plan is ruined when his older brother announces his engagement. He attempts to stop the marriage and introduces Yoon Chae-won as a potential suitor for his brother in an attempt to get things back on track.

Ah-jeong appears to be putting a twist on Wedding Impossible by going for Do-ha’s younger brother, rather than her lifelong buddy.

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Wedding Impossible: Who stars in the K-drama?

Money Heist: Korea and Ballerina star Jeon Jong-seo will lead Wedding Impossible as Ah-jeong with All of Us Are Dead star Moon Sang-min as Lee Ji-han. Read the full cast list below:

  • Jeon Jong-seo as Na Ah-jeong
  • Moon Sang-min as Lee Ji-han
  • Kim Do-wan as Lee Do-han
  • Bae Yoon-kyung as Yoon Chae-won
  • Park Jae-wan as Choi Joong-chan
  • Kang Na-eon as Yoo Jong-hee
  • Kwon Hae-hyo as Mr. Hyun (chairman)
  • Kim Kwang-gyu
  • Min Jin-woong
  • Kim Ye-won
  • Song Sang-eun
  • Park Ah-in

Wedding Impossible stars Kim Do-wan in the role of Do-han. He’s known for his supporting roles in Doona!, Big Mouth, I Have Not Done My Best Yet, and My Roommate is a Gumiho, and many more. Actor Bae has played roles in Crash Course in Romance, The King’s Affection, Record of Youth, and She Knows Everything.

Wedding Impossible: When is the release date?

Wedding Impossible K-drama is set to release on February 26, 2024.

It will debut in April and run for a brief 12-episode run, ending on April 2, 2024. The K-drama is classified as a drama, comedy, and romance. The plot of it is derived on Song Jung-won’s and Lee Chung’s webtoon of the same name.

As of right present, tvN is releasing the K-drama on Korean cable television; there are currently no facts regarding its potential global streaming availability.

Wedding Impossible: Is there a trailer?

No, tvN has not released an official trailer or teaser for the K-drama. But fans can check out the official posters and still photos.

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