Logan Paul is praised by WWE fans for “saving” Rey Mysterio from a catastrophic injury.

Thanks to a swift decision he made during his most recent US Championship battle against Rey Mysterio, influencer-turned-wrestler Logan Paul is receiving acclaim from WWE fans on the internet. The rescue saved Mysterio from what might have been a major injury.

Logan. After capturing his first-ever championship at the Crown Jewel Pay-Per-View event, Paul’s career in the WWE has reached yet another significant turning point. Paul was victorious in an entertaining battle against WWE star and idol Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship, earning praise from both critics and fans.

In the conclusion, Paul proved to be a heel when he used brass knuckles to submit Mysterio and win the company’s first-ever title.

Even while the match’s end has received a lot of attention, a particular moment that may have caused Mysterio to suffer a major neck injury has received a lot of attention online.

Logan Paul has received praise from many for his fast thinking during what might have been a frightening situation for his opponent. At that same moment, Mysterio performed a springboard moonsault while leaping off the ropes. But he didn’t make a clean jump, so he ended up falling a little short.

As can be seen in footage from the scene, Logan Paul made a sudden move to grab Mysterio, who was probably about to fall right on top of his neck.
The incident was tweeted by Humble Wrestling with the comment, “Logan Paul saved Rey’s neck.”

Paul’s admirers have also been praising him on social media. On Twitter, someone else wrote, “Bro. After that, nobody can bring up Logan.Paolo I don’t really like the guy all that much. However, you must value the labor. He just prevented a HOFer from dying there.

“I really hated Logan Paul until he stepped into the ring,” several others said. That guy has just amazed everyone with every appearance in the ring. He’s got talent beyond anything I’ve seen in a young blood wrestler, and to be honest, he merits all the recognition.”

Logan Paul will undoubtedly make a few more WWE appearances before the year ends now that he is the US Champion. This was a major test for him and an opportunity to keep pleasing both critics and supporters in his wrestling career.

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