My Hero Academia Season 7 trailer has everyone celebrating

With the upcoming return of My Hero Academia, we can expect to see the typical barrage of teasers and promotional materials. We got to hear the new opening music, which is amazing, in the most recent teaser, which caused quite a stir.

As My Hero Academia enters the Final Act Saga in Season 7, things are about to become really exciting. The anime series will feature a pivotal clash between Deku and Shigaraki as well as an institutional reckoning for heroes.

This adds a certain seriousness, and the amazing start for the seventh season is all fans have been raving about in the new trailer. TK, a member of the band Ling Tosite Sigure, wrote the song “Tagatame,” a beautiful, heartfelt rock hit that is sure to become stuck in your head.

“The opening track is fantastic, and I’m eager to hear the entire song. To hear the music, I rewatched the trailer,” a Reddit user said. Another commenter said, “I’m going to need them to slide the OP’s full version because GOD DAMN.”

Every season of My Hero Academia has had a different theme, with new opening and closing songs being introduced halfway through each batch of episodes. Because they so brilliantly convey the intensity of the action, these songs have helped to establish the series as one of the greatest anime programs ever.

For example, the theme song “Peace Sign” from Season 2 conveys the vibrant atmosphere of the sports festival, while the theme song “Ashiato -Footprints-” from Season 5 makes us nostalgic for better times, especially in light of Shigaraki’s ascent in the series. Season 7 of “Tagatame” will undoubtedly have a darker tone, if only momentarily.

Fans are chatting about the acting performances in addition to the music as there is genuine tension between All Might, Deku, and Shigaraki. One user said, “Hearing all the voice actors going in so hard is damn hype.”

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