Netflix quietly adds one of the best comedy anime ever

Netflix is adding high-caliber anime to its lineup; most recently, it added a blockbuster series that’s ideal for anybody looking for a good chuckle.

Mob Psycho 100, which was casually added to the service’s catalog recently, instantly qualifies as one of the greatest anime series on Netflix. It’s a comedy about a weird middle school kid who has extraordinary psychic abilities. Because of his skills and his con-man boss’s profession, Mob is frequently thrust into chaotic situations that make it hard to return to normalcy.

He exercises extreme emotional control to contain the scope of his abilities, but the shonen anime makes this increasingly difficult, which results in some absurd circumstances. With a 2016 premiere and a 2022 finale, the series gained popularity in the latter part of the 2010s.

Netflix customers in the US and the UK may now watch both seasons on the streaming service. The renowned mangaka One, who also developed One Punch Man, is the author of Mob Psycho 100. Both of them take a humorous approach to genre storytelling.

The events and characters are often humorous, but with a less obvious use of cliches than One Punch Man’s incessant gags about Marvel and DC and superheroes. Since the protagonist of Mob Psycho 100 is a more tragic person than Saitama, who is usually naive, the story is also often dakrer.

Nevertheless, you should definitely find out for yourself because Netflix has all 37 episodes—split into three seasons—available for you to watch. For additional streaming alternatives, be sure to check out our list of the greatest anime films available on Netflix. For even more top shows to watch, check out our ranking of the best anime series available on Crunchyroll.

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