One Piece has proved Luffy’s peak is not Gear 5.

The One Piece fans was rocked by Luffy’s Gear 5 not so long ago. But the show just made it clear that this isn’t Luffy’s pinnacle.

Whether it was from the manga or the animation, the protagonist of One Piece’s abrupt metamorphosis became viral online. When it seems like everything is against him, Luffy uses the peculiar powers of his devil fruit to abruptly change into a legendary creature.

He frees the people who had been tortured for twenty years by defeating the King of the Beasts and restoring peace to Wano. Shortly after transforming, Luffy proclaims that Gear 5 is his pinnacle. He’s laughing wildly, insane.

But the strength he displays during the battle is nothing to laugh at. However, there is one foe that Luffy cannot defeat, not even in his best condition.Note: There are manga spoilers from the Egghead arc in this page!

Why Gear 5 isn’t Luffy’s peak in One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1109 debuts Luffy’s new Gear 5 technique, Gum-Gum Dawn Cymbal. Luffy claps his giant hands together with his opponent in between, turning them into a flat disk that can be flung. He uses it against Kizaru and Saturn.

But none of Luffy’s strategies are effective in taking down the elder. Whatever blow he delivers to Saturn, the latter bounces back nearly immediately and doesn’t even display visible wounds. Saturn is most definitely not the primary antagonist of the manga; instead, Luffy is the major hero. Despite the fact that the elder has a few tricks under his sleeve, Luffy is obviously up against it.

Therefore, Luffy wouldn’t be fighting Saturn so hard if Gear 5 is indeed his pinnacle. In a few years, the narrative will come to an end as it enters its Final Saga. Luffy will encounter adversaries at that period that are considerably more formidable and dangerous than Saturn. Therefore, he will be unable to overcome opponents like Blackbeard or Imu if he is unable to even defeat Saturn with all of his Gear 5 powers.

Though Luffy is undoubtedly quite strong, Gear 5 is only sufficient to take down opponents like as Kaido and Kizaru. It’s uncertain at this time if Gear 6 will be included in the series. If nothing else, the series ought to provide new Gear 5 sub-variants, similar to those found in Gear 4.

That being said, Luffy will undoubtedly gain strength in the future. By the time the Wano Saga finishes, the peak he is referring to would probably appear to be a lesser version of himself.

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