Physical 100 teases a big change in Season 3

Physical 100 Season 2 isn’t the end of the competition series, with the final episode’s credit scene teasing Season 3 will undergo a major change.

It seems inevitable that Netflix will approve a third season of Physical 100. They weren’t done searching for the ideal body, the menacing voice hinted. A new winner from Season 2 has been announced, joining the ranks of previous winners from Season 1.

However, in respect to Season 3, a Reddit user pointed out that the Season 2 credit scene hinted to a somewhat larger field of competitors. As per the post, a graphic labeled “Physical 100: Asia” is revealed during the closing credits.

It was accompanied by a montage of drawings featuring sumo wrestlers, handball players, martial artists, and boxers. The casting of competitors from countries other than South Korea in the trailer may give away the direction of Physical 100 Season 3.

The competition series has primarily featured Korean athletes thus far, with the rare non-Korean based in the nation. For instance, South African-born actor Justin Harvey resides in Korea. The same is true for Emmanuel, a bodybuilder who resides in South Korea.

Contestants for Season 3 may come from China, Japan, Thailand, and other Asian nations, according to the trailer. The main thing that fans are looking forward to from Season 3 is how the candidates will interact with one another.

“Looks like the next season of Physical 100 will include competitors from other Asian countries (maybe from just a few or from many). The show is directed/created/produced by Korea so it’ll be interesting to see how they will hold auditions, whether or not the competition will be strictly held in Korea, how will competitors communicate with each other if there are teams, etc!” said one fan on Reddit.

Others wonder how the overall process will work: “I wonder how they do the audition process. Not that I’m anywhere near the level of these athletes, but if I were, I would so fly out and try to get on the show lol.”

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