Who won Physical 100 Season 2?

With the release of Physical 100 Season 2 conclusion on Netflix, everyone is wondering: who prevailed?

One of the hardest reality events on television is Physical 100. It puts 100 extremely fit men and women of all ages and sizes against one another in taxing “quests” meant to push their limits in terms of stamina and strength.

The show’s signature one-on-one deathmatch, a team game in a maze, clutching pillars till time ran out, and moving mine carts were all included in the second season, which turned things up a notch.

Here’s all the information you need to know about this edition’s Physical 100 winner as Episode 9 draws Season 2 to an end.

Who was the Physical 100 Season 2 winner?

Amotti won Physical 100 Season 2.

The final four in a three-part quest were followed in Episode 9. Amotti faced up against Hong Beom-seok, Andre Jin, and Dustin Harvey.

The first competitor to let go of their rope would be eliminated in the first round, which required the remaining competitors to keep their “torso” in the air, or 40% of their individual body weight. The first person to lower their body was Harvey.

In the second round, which involved an endless squat challenge, the three contestants had to squat inside a large metal container packed with pebbles until they were no longer able to do so. Jin was the first to give up, hence he was unable to complete the objective.

In the third and final round, Amotti and Hong Beom-seok went against each other in “pole push”, with both contestants pushing each side of the pole simultaneously to knock over a post. Whoever won twice would win the competition, and Amotti eventually overpowered his rival.

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