Prior to the World Cup semifinals, Oreo restates what ‘Mat Bol’ Dhoni said.

Experts think there’s a strong idea behind ‘nazar’ tucked between an odd ad structure and a lackluster execution.

Ever since MS Dhoni and Oreo originally partnered, the two have taken part in some incredible advertising campaigns. Who could overlook the 2022 #BringBack2011 campaign, which received plaudits for its well-executed strategy?

Together once more for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, the two are hoping to dispel any jinxes that could hinder India’s chances of taking home the trophy. An Indian wives tale says that the best way to handle it is to keep it under wraps.

In an effort to put a stop to jinxes, the new campaign “Oreo bola mat bol” (Oreo says, “don’t speak”) aims to silence a billion cricket-mad fans before the World Cup.

The 2:10 minute commercial opens with Dhoni entering a new room unannounced and shushing the anchors up. He carefully explains why discussing cricket will hurt India’s prospects of advancing to the World Cup finals and taking home the trophy.

When Dhoni offers the anchors Oreos and orders them to stop talking about the match, things become a little crazy. The hosts seem genuinely perplexed, unsure of what topics to cover for the remainder of the show.

A hit or miss?

According to Samit Sinha, Managing Partner of Alchemist Brand Consulting, while the ad is intriguing, its execution falls flat. “I think it’s interesting that Oreo chose an unconventional advertising format for their M.S. Dhoni campaign,” he stated. The “mat bol” concept, which capitalizes on a common Indian superstition about jinxing an event by discussing it too soon, is another intriguing part of the campaign. However, the campaign’s execution comes out as a little blah and unimpressive.

“Even with a well-known personality like Dhoni and a brilliant concept, I can’t help but feel that it hasn’t fully reached its full potential. Nonetheless, the campaign may perform its objective sufficiently because its goal seems to be to increase brand recognition among Indian mass-market customers quickly. “The only genuine inquiry is if there were a few missteps made in the concept’s implementation,” he continued.

“Mundelez has squandered a fantastic chance. They failed to execute the creative rendition in a seamless manner, and as a result, the audience’s response to the advertisement will raise doubts about its effectiveness. According to Chandramouli Nilakantan, CEO of TRA Research, “For a consumer, I do not think it is adding anything such as emotions, functionality, etc. other than asking them to put an Oreo on their mouth when there is an emotion to be expressed.”

The fact that Dhoni is connected to so many products is a drawback of employing his advertisement, according to Nisha Sampath. The only drawback to having MS Dhoni as an endorser, according to her, is that the sheer volume of products he represents lowers the likelihood that consumers would remember those brands. Furthermore, unless a person has a really powerful brand idea, people could just associate the brand with Dhoni and ignore other topics. In my perspective, Oreo has made excellent use of Dhoni by bringing a great insight in addition to depending on his presence. Rarely does a brand succeed in doing both.

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