Geely Galaxy E8 electric vehicle, introduced with a 665km range and a tonne of goodies

The Galaxy E8 electric car has been introduced by Geely, a Chinese maker of electric vehicles. On November 17, the EV will formally go on pre-sale in China.

With a 665km range, the Geely Galaxy E8 boasts an elegant design. The EV has a sleek and striking appearance and is constructed on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform. Its measurements are 1,920 x 1,465 x 5,010 mm. Its wheelbase is 115.1 inches, and its drag coefficient is 0.199. In terms of drag, the Geely Galaxy E8 is comparable to the VW XL1, however it is more slippery than the Mercedes Benz EQS and the Nio ET7.

The Galaxy E8 comes in two 400-volt variants. A 272 hp rear electric motor, a 62 kWh LFP battery, and a 550 km range are features of the initial iteration. The second model boasts a 665km range, a 272hp motor, and a 76kWh battery. There is also a 421 hp rear motor, 224 hp front motor, and 76 kWh pack available. Additionally, this variant has a charging range of 665 kilometers (413 miles).

The car’s front end is equipped with daytime running lights and two angular headlights. There are no rear-facing cameras installed on the doors, and the sides’ simple form improves aerodynamics. The Galaxy E8 has conventional wind mirrors instead. Its taillights are complex and feature an LED light bar. A 45-inch monitor with 8K resolution is located within the cabin. The dashboard has a six-button center console, a steering wheel, and a display that runs the whole length of it. In addition, there is a divided storage cubby, a circular clock, and a wireless charging pad.

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