Rebel Wilson says she took Ozempic to lose weight

“Someone like me could have a bottomless appetite for sweets, so I think those drugs can be good,”

Ozempic was originally designed to help people with obesity or related conditions like high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes, but it has recently become popular among celebrities who are trying to control their weight.

Rebel Wilson, an actress from “Pitch Perfect,” recently shared her experience with the controversial drug in an interview with the Sunday Times.

Wilson, 44, has been busy getting ready for the April release of her memoir, “Rebel Rising,” which has led to a flurry of interviews exploring the book’s fascinating chapters.

The Pitch Perfect actress revealed that she started her weight reduction quest after hearing from her fertility specialist that losing weight would increase the likelihood that she would have a successful IVF procedure.

Wilson told the magazine, “Basically, everyone wanted me to lose weight except for my mom.” “People wanted me to keep playing the fat funny character because they thought I’d lose my niche in that regard.”

In November 2022, Wilson, who had a surrogate daughter named Royce, declared herself to be in a “year of health,” walking frequently and eating a diet high in protein and low in sugar.

She came to terms with her complicated emotional relationship to food during this process, which was shaped by the media and Hollywood’s propagation of conventional beauty standards.

She emphasized, “I really believe that young women should just look like themselves—they shouldn’t try to obsess over looking like Victoria’s Secret models.” “I am aware of the complexity in my relationship with food.”

Wilson discusses her experience losing weight in more detail in her memoir, “Rebel Rising.”

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