Solo Leveling: An explanation of the Monarch of Shadows’ skills and abilities

As soon as Sung Jinwoo becomes a Necromancer in Solo Leveling, he gets promoted to Monarch of Shadows – so here’s what it really means.

Solo Leveling’s spectacular “Arise” season finale brings Season 1 to a close. Although the much awaited Jinwoo vs. Igris battle was shown in the previous episode, this time around the anime program highlights Jinwoo gaining new abilities.

Jinwoo discovers that the Job Change Quest is still going on not long after beating Igris. He sees that other knights under the power of a magician are still attacking him. Even though Jinwoo is already worn out, she wins in the end.

Jinwoo swiftly rises from a Necromancer to the Monarch of Shadows as Solo Leveling Episode 12 closes, a development that will be crucial to the plot’s conclusions. Note: There are significant manhwa spoilers in this essay!

What is a Necromancer Class in Solo Leveling?

In Solo Leveling, being a Necromancer is closely related to being the Monarch of Shadows. It’s the power to reanimate the dead and raise a whole army of walking corpses. Jinwoo may turn the dead into a shadow by giving them the command “Arise.” It is effective against both people and monsters.

But only those lesser than him will be transformed by the command. The powerful will not be affected by it. Necromancer is also a secret class, but Jinwoo is what really makes it scary. The protagonist can overcome more formidable opponents and turn them into puppets since he is already incredibly strong.

What is a Monarch of Shadows in Solo Leveling?

The second Monarch of Shadows in Solo Leveling is Sung Jinwoo. Ashborn, the King of the Dead, his predecessor, gave him this ability. Jinwoo became the greatest hunter in human history because to the might of the Shadow Monarch.

Living in a bygone period, Ashborn was mortally wounded in a tragic battle. He battled and remained faithful to the very end for the benefit of his deity, the Absolute Being. In order to avoid certain death, the Absolute Being concealed a strange force within himself that turned him into the Shadow Monarch.

Aeons later, Ashborn intended to discover his position in the cosmos and took part in an attack on the human planet. He never felt like he belonged anyplace because of his incredible skills. With the assistance of a magician by the name of Kandiaru, he too desired a human vessel.

Kandiaru agreed on the condition that he be granted immortality. He is the architect and moderator of Jin-Woo’s system. The system was solely created to find a vessel for Ashborn.

Why did the System choose Sung Jinwoo?

When Ashborn discovered that a human had crossed the lines of the system Kandairu established, the hunt for a suitable vessel came to an end. Despite being so feeble, Jin-Woo broke the norms and expectations of the system.

Despite his helplessness, he avoided death several times. Even though he would always be in danger, he would persevere in order to protect his family. Ashborn was pleased by Jin-Woo’s commitment and tenacity, and determined that he was deserving of being his vessel.

What powers does Jin-Woo have as the Monarch of Shadows?

Jinwoo rises to become the world’s strongest person. Jinwoo is endowed with innumerable talents in addition to his extraordinary strength, dexterity, and ability to command the dead. Jinwoo is able to speak with monsters directly.

He can make personal touch with humans and influence their memories. He has the ability to mesmerize others into doing as he says. He snaps his fingers to enter the trance. He’s ceased aging, having completely realized his potential as a Shadow Monarch.

When it comes to his shadows, he can remove them and store them. He can instantly cover large distances by using his shadows as portals. In addition, he may enhance the power of his active shadows by 50% using his “Monarch’s Domain.”

He has an innate resistance to poisoning since his body rids itself of poisons right away. The drawback is that, despite drinking a lot of alcohol, Jin-Woo is incapable of becoming intoxicated. It’s not only poison; he can recover far more quickly than a human and is resistant to all ailments.

He obtains a Rune Stone—a talent known as Ruler’s Hands—after vanquishing Igris. It is a diluted form of the tactic known as Ruler’s Authority, which is exclusive to kings. Eventually, Ruler’s Hands develops into Ruler’s Authority, giving him telekinetic control over items. He can maneuver and evade assaults in midair by using this ability on the surrounding air as well.

Are there other Monarchs in Solo Leveling?

There are nine Monarchs in Solo Leveling.

  • Monarch of Destruction: Antares, The King of Dragons
  • Monarch of Shadows: Ashborn, The King of the Dead, and Sung Jin-Woo, the Second Shadow Monarch
  • Monarch of White Flames: Baran, The King of Demons
  • Monarch of Fangs: Rakan, The King of Beasts
  • Monarch of Frost: Sillad, The King of the Snow Folk
  • Monarch of the Iron Body: Tarnak, The King of Monstrous Humanoids
  • Monarch of the Beginning: Legia, The King of Giants
  • Monarch of Plagues: Querehsha, The Queen of Insects
  • Monarch of Transfiguration: Yogumunt, The King of Demonic Spectres

All of them except Jin-Woo and Ashborn serve as antagonists in the series. Monarchs are an ancient race of monsters who seek to destroy the human world. Ashborn is the strongest monarch of all.

They were created by the Absolute Being and are the strongest creatures in existence. Their powers far surpass those of an S-Rank Hunter, and they each command millions of soldiers. However, since they are spiritual creatures, they lack an organic form. This is why Monarchs cannot descend into the human world without human vessels.

Monarchs usually possess their vessels and steal their bodies for themselves. Ashborn is the only exception. He not only gave all his powers to Jin-Woo but also allowed him to retain full control of his body.

Although this method allows them to wield full power in the human world, it also renders them entirely mortal, which means they will die if their human vessels are destroyed in combat.

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