Samsung S25 Ultra leak suggests a significant camera boost

Samsung S25 Ultra leak suggests a significant camera boost: The anticipated camera specifications for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra, S25 Ultra, and S26 Ultra smartphones have been leaked. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is shaping up to be a very interesting next smartphone. Although the phone is rumored to have cutting-edge camera specs, a recent leak indicates that the Galaxy Ultra phones of the future will only acquire stronger optics.

The Galaxy Ultra smartphone roadmap, from the impending Galaxy S24 Ultra to the Galaxy S26 Ultra, which is anticipated to be released in 2026, has been published by Tech_Reve, a Twitter/X tipster.

Samsung S25 Ultra leak suggests a significant camera boost

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is anticipated to come with improved telephoto capabilities, according to the source. The telephoto camera on this future flagship might be a 50MP periscope telephoto with 0.7 um pixel size, as opposed to the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 10 MP sensor with 10x magnification.

Although the leak doesn’t disclose the zoom capabilities, it does align with prior claims that suggest the forthcoming Android flagship may have updated zoom capabilities. Reports indicate that the Galaxy S24 Ultra may include a 3x or 5x zoom.

Significant S25 Ultra improvements
Although the Galaxy S25 won’t be released for nearly a year, this roadmap suggests that it will include a very potent camera module. The Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra may receive the most significant camera update on a Galaxy phone in recent memory if this leak turns out to be true.

The phone could contain a folding telephoto camera with varying capabilities, according to the leaker, implying that the camera’s magnification level might be adjusted. In addition, the Galaxy S25 Ultra may include a 50MP ultra-wide camera and an improved main sensor.

While several manufacturers have used variable aperture cameras, Samsung’s Galaxy S25 Ultra may also be considered an exceptional product. Still, it could be difficult to top the Galaxy S25 Ultra’s complete optical package.

It is stated that the Galaxy S26 Ultra would come with a 200 MP primary camera, which may measure 1/1.10-inch and have 0.7-micron pixels. This is a little improvement over the 200 MP primary camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which features 0.6-micron pixels and a 1/1.3-inch sensor.

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