Solo Leveling Episode 9: Release date

Here are the release date and spoilers for Solo Leveling Episode 9, which takes place when Sung Jin-Woo and his fellow hunters start a new mission. However, the true opponents aren’t only the creatures that lurk within.

The intensity of Solo Leveling is increasing as the first course’s conclusion approaches. In the most recent episode, Jin-Woo agrees to Yoo Jin-ho’s proposition—but only if he fights by himself. The other members won’t engage in combat; they will only be present to meet the quota.

However, Baek Yoon-Ho and Choi Jong-In fight about the interview, with the former believing it to be a waste of time. They also talk about Jin-Ho’s father’s company Yoojin Construction, which is starting its own guild.

Joo-Hee is still having trouble with her recollections of the Double Dungeon in the meanwhile. She did, however, proceed to attend the gathering that included King Sang-Shik, Song Chi-Yul, and Sung Jin-Woo. The endeavor is riskier than she initially realized, though.

Solo Leveling Episode 9 release date and time

Crunchyroll will stream Solo Leveling Episode 9 on March 9 at 9:30am PT. It is a weekly anime that drops every Saturday. Tokyo MX and other Japanese networks broadcast the episodes at 12am JST.

You can find your time zone below:

  • 12:30am Eastern Time
  • 5:30pm British Time
  • 6:30pm European Time
  • 10:00pm Indian Time
  • 12:30am Philippine Time

Solo Leveling Episode 9 spoilers and preview

Solo Leveling Episode 9 is titled “You’ve been hiding your skills.” Here’s a look at the preview:

The anime’s official website summarizes Episode 9 as follows: “Sung Jin-Woo was reunited with Song Chi-Yul, Lee Joo-Hee, and Kim Sang-Shik, who had survived the Double Dungeon, during a raid summoned by the Hunter Association.”

They set out to conquer the D-class dungeon with Kang Tae-Shik and the other members of the Surveillance Department. As Jin-Woo, Chi-Yul, and Joo-Hee divided the road in accordance with their plan, they heard Sang-Shik yell because he had taken a different route. When I was traveling there, I saw that my pals had entirely altered in look.

After seeing Tae-Shik execute the criminals involved in the mission, Sang-Shik will perish at Tae-Shik’s hands. Jin-Woo confronts the B-Rank hunter while Tae-Shik prepares to murder the remaining hunters. Since an E-Ranker cannot overcome a B-Rank, Chi-Yul and Joo-Hee witness Jin-Woo’s genuine abilities when he vanquishes Tae-Shik.

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