Thangalaan Teaser Release: When the suspenseful teaser for “Thangalaan” was unveiled, it was hard to identify Vikram!

Teaser for Thangalaan released: With a string of outstanding films during his career, South actor Vikram has captured the hearts of the public. His movies are entertaining to watch in addition to being well-made. Among his numerous successful films are Aparit, Aai, and Ponniyan Selvan.

The first teaser for Vikram’s movie “Thangalaan” has just made public. In the teaser, Vikram appears in a new avatar. It is getting harder to identify him because of how much his appearance has altered.

The audience has responded favorably to the teaser. He has given Vikram’s new incarnation high marks. The audience is now more interested in the movie after watching the teaser.

Thangalaan Teaser Release – Vikram’s Thangalaan movie teaser released

Thangalaan Teaser Release

The film’s plot is reflected in Vikram’s distinct appearance in the teaser. According to the Thangalan movie’s trailer, the story revolves around the tribal people that live in and near the Kolar Gold Fields. Vikram appears as a bearded man with long hair in the teaser.
In the Thangalan teaser, Vikram appears in a scary avatar. His hair is tangled and long. His face is bruised, and his tummy sticks out a little. It is also challenging to identify him with this avatar.

The story of ‘Thangalan’ is based on real life 

Thangalan is a historical action drama film based on true events in the Kolar Gold Fields during the British Raj in India. In the film, Vikram plays the role of a man who works in the Kolar Gold Fields. He becomes involved in a conflict that pits him against the British government.

Thangalaan Teaser Release

Star cast of the film ‘Thangalan’

Following the box office triumph of “Ponniyin Selvan 2,” Chiyaan Vikram’s upcoming film “Thangalan” is now set for release. When the movie’s teaser was just published, it grabbed everyone’s attention. Everyone was taken aback by Chiyaan Vikram’s appearance in the trailer.

In the trailer for the film “Thangalan,” Vikram has a vicious expression. In the teaser, Vikram uses his hands to slay a deadly king cobra. The film “Thangalan” is scheduled to open in theaters on January 26, 2024 of the next year.

The public has responded well to Chiyaan Vikram’s two major motion pictures, “Ponniyin Selvan” and “Ponniyin Selvan-2.” These movies also had Aditya Karikalan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in major parts. The public is now excited to witness Chiyaan Vikram’s next movies.

When “Cobra” starring Vikram was released last year, it was favorably welcomed by the public. In Tamil Nadu, the movie made Rs 12 crore on its first day. The crowd is currently very excited about Vikram’s upcoming movie, “Thangalan.” It will be fascinating to watch how much money this movie makes at theaters.

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