YouTube reports that it is taking global action to combat ad blockers.

Let’s face it: most of us find YouTube commercials to be bothersome since they interfere with our enjoyment of the content. Users may see the content on the well-known video-sharing website for free. The only way to watch YouTube without advertisements and enjoy other features is to purchase a premium subscription to YouTube Premium. Still, there is a ton of ad-blocking software available for users to avoid advertisements. With YouTube confirming that it is stepping up its war on ad blockers, all of this is about to come to an end.

YouTube confirms crackdown on ad-blockers

As part of a modest test, YouTube began banning ad-blockers early this year. The well-known video-sharing website is currently stepping up its global campaign to oppose the practice of using different technologies to block advertisements. Although the little trial drew criticism from users, YouTube hopes to persuade viewers to either disable ad-blockers or upgrade to a premium membership.

“The use of ad blockers violates YouTube’s Terms of Service,” YouTube Communications Manager Christopher Lawton stated in a statement to The Verge. YouTube’s ad-supported, diversified ecosystem of producers worldwide enables billions of users to access their favorite content.

A message stating that “video playback is blocked unless YouTube is allowlisted or the ad blocker is disabled” will appear to those who use ad blockers. Also, users will be asked to test YouTube Premium or permit advertisements. Furthermore, after three videos, the video-sharing website will alert users that continuing to use ad-blockers would result in the video player being completely banned.

YouTube’s position on ad blockers makes sense given that the platform’s primary income source is advertising. The business experimented with lengthier but less frequent TV commercial breaks earlier this year, and it also added 30-second unskippable advertising to its TV app.

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