The Crown: The photographer who photographed Diana and Dodi kissing harshly criticized the Netflix series

Mario Brenna, a photographer, notes that, despite the significance of his photography, no one from The Crown’s production crew got in touch with him.

The iconic kiss between Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed is portrayed in the first segment of the last season of the Netflix series The Crown in a way that Mario Brenna, a paparazzi, describes as “absurd and completely invented.” This has caused criticism. Brenna, the photographer responsible for the famous 1997 shot, has voiced his disapproval of how the events are portrayed in the series.

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Mario Brenna is introduced in The Crown’s story as the photographer selected by businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed to document his son Dodi’s bond with Princess Diana in an effort to coerce the princess into being his wife. Brenna, however, has rejected this story, noting that he was never hired by Al-Fayed for that purpose.

The photographer met the couple by chance

In a recent interview, Brenda refuted a crucial element of the series’ depiction when she said that a ship employee had given her the precise location. She said that during that period, she spent every summer in Sardinia, searching for renowned individuals to shoot, and that she accidentally came upon the pair.

On this day in 1997, Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed’s “Kiss” appeared on the cover of London’s Sunday Mirror. 
The photo was taken by an Italian paparazzo, while the couple was vacationing in Cala di Volpe in Sardinia, Italy, on Dodi’s yacht, the Jonikal.

Brenna described how she was shocked to see Diana’s identify when she walked up to the yacht’s deck after initially not recognizing her. The photographer kept an eye on the ship for several days after taking the pictures, even climbing a rock to gain a better angle. Brenna thought the photos were historic, even if the heat caused technical issues. After the photographs were published, she was paid 1.7 million pounds (more than two million dollars) for her efforts, which helped her and her family get over their recent divorce.

The paparazzi also disclosed the specifics of how he concealed the film rolls to safeguard the images and deter potential picture theft. As a result of the pictures’ widespread publication in publications like Sunday Mirror and Paris Match, there was a rush among journalists to get pictures of the “People’s Princess.” Brenna emphasized that no one from The Crown’s production crew reached out to him for commentary or information, even though his background was relevant.

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