Trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: Missing Amber Heard and other important observations

The new Aquaman movie features a trailer that was recently published.

The superhero adventure is a follow-up to 2018’s Aquaman and stars Jason Momoa in a new role as the marine guardian.

The majority of the characters from the previous movie, including Nicole Kidman’s Atlanna and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s villainous Black Manta, are back in this one and a half-minute teaser. Amber Heard isn’t even mentioned in the teaser, despite being billed as returning to her role as Mera.

In the follow-up, Aquaman must confront the difficult challenge of juggling his responsibilities as Atlantis’ ruler and his membership in the Justice League with those of Batman and Superman.

Here are the key takeaways from the trailer.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Getting to know Aquaman’s son
In the first scene of the teaser, Momoa’s character Arthur Curry is shown instructing his young son on how to harness his ability to communicate with marine life.

Curry is then seen holding the little child, establishing the film’s high-stakes protective role. Arthur says to his kid that he is eager to show him all of the planet’s magnificent wildlife.

The reappearance of Dark Manta
The teaser also features Black Manta, a villain out to get revenge on Aquaman for killing his father.

The character appears to be stronger and more prepared than previously since he has gathered allies to help him complete his task.

Then it is revealed that Black Manta has acquired the black trident, an ancient power that carries bad magic and may be used to destroy Atlantis.

The end of the bloodline

The final scene of the teaser shows that Black Manta has injured Aquaman’s father and taken Aquaman’s son hostage.
Thus, in order to defeat Black Manta and bring his son back safely, Aquaman will require the assistance of all of his allies, both inside and outside of Atlantis.

Large-scale, spectacular underwater action sequences are seen in the trailer.

Characters from the Justice League also make cameos, and it appears like Ben Affleck’s Batman may make an appearance.

On December 22, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom opens in UAE theaters.

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