The Equalizer 4: Everything we know

This is all the information we currently have on a possible fourth Equalizer film, which may be Denzel Washington’s final role as Robert McCall.

The Equalizer, a revival of the acclaimed ’80s series, is set in contemporary Boston and centers on former Marine and DIA agent Robert McCall, who unwillingly busts a Russian mob’s sex trafficking operation, landing him in the crosshairs of the organization’s insane foreign enforcer.

Critics gave the first installment mixed reviews, but it was a huge hit anyway. Even yet, it made nearly $200 million at the movie office, which prompted the release of an exciting sequel in 2018.

The Equalizer 3, the “final chapter” in the series, is number one on Netflix, so some fans may be wondering: is there going to be an Equalizer 4, and is there a release date?

Will The Equalizer 4 happen?

The Equalizer 4 hasn’t been confirmed, but it could happen – if certain conditions are met, or else it may take a different shape than you’re expecting.

Antoine Fuqua has said he’d consider returning for a fourth movie, but only if Denzel Washington would reprise his role. “I believe this would be it. We’ve both talked about it that way. But you never know,” he told Total Film.

“Pay attention, Denzel is fit. He works out every day. You would be astounded if you saw him right now. Even after using The Equalizer, he is around sixty pounds lighter. He is in excellent health. Yes, that is his decision. Naturally, I would perform another one if he so desired, but I fail to see that happening. Who knows, though?

How about a prequel with John David Washington as a young McCall, or maybe even Michael B. Jordan, if The Equalizer 4 is not going to happen? Fuqua told JoBlo.”I think it’s a really good idea to do that, and go back.”

“Wouldn’t that be amazing? That’s a good idea! How cool would that be, man?”

Does The Equalizer 4 have a release date?

As The Equalizer 4 has not yet been confirmed and has not begun filming, there is no release date for the movie.

Given the 4/5-year gaps between the rest of the movies, we’ll likely be waiting a while on another installment in the franchise, regardless if Washington is back as McCall or if it’s a prequel.

We’ll keep this space updated with any new information.

The Equalizer 4 cast: Who’d be in it?

We don’t have any official cast details for The Equalizer 4. If it does happen, we’d expect Denzel Washington to reprise his role as Robert McCall, unless it’s a prequel or another character altogether carrying the mantle.

There’s another vague possibility: a crossover of some form with The Equalizer TV show, with Queen Latifah making her big-screen debut as Robyn McCall. The characters aren’t related – at least right now – but the star has spoken about the chances of the two worlds colliding.

Queen Latifah as The Equalizer

That is D’s decision. Actually, it’s just between him and Antoine. Of course, I adore him greatly. Regarding him, I am quite respectful. He’s done amazing work with the films, and I would be delighted to collaborate with him in any capacity. With us, it’s just kind of like that,” she said to Variety.

Who knows what will happen next? Who knows what may occur, but I’m excited to see what he does because I know that when he’s in the zone, it’s in the zone. I’m going to stick with playing Robyn McCall on TV while he keeps doing an amazing job as McCall in the movies because I know we’ll both keep doing our best.

Additionally, Decider was informed by the show’s creator, Andrew Marlowe, that “it’s not anything that we’ve really talked about.” Our universe is being created by us here. Is it possible that a crossover world will exist in the future? That hasn’t been ruled out, for sure.

The series, however, has distinct priorities. “We really want to center this show and our identity around Robyn McCall and focus on a show where Queen is truly the center of attention,” he continued.

The Equalizer 4 plot: What would it be about?

We don’t have any official plot details for The Equalizer 4, but there’s a few ideas being kicked around online.

Spoiler warning for The Equalizer 3…

Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 3

McCall retires from his life of justice and retribution in southern Italy after the conclusion of the third film. He’s at ease because the mafia has been destroyed and no one needs his assistance.

However, a portion of the narrative centers on Syrian terrorists who have been funding their jihad by selling narcotics to the mafia; because they are currently without a market, one may assume they will be a bit

Additionally, he forged a fresh bond with Emma Collins (Dakota Fanning), the offspring of his previous DIA associates, Susan and Bill Plummer. What happens if she needs his assistance with a situation that calls for his specific expertise? Something violent, something not in the books.

And then there’s the possibility of a prequel, which opens up a whole other side of McCall’s past – we could see his time as a Marine, or any one of hundreds, if not thousands of confidential operations.

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