Episode 8 of Solo Leveling has been postponed.

After Episode 7, Solo Leveling will take a little hiatus, with many viewers finding that the conclusion of Sung Jinwoo’s battle with Cerberus serves as a jumping off point.

One of the biggest trends of the spring has to be Solo Leveling. In just a few episodes, the anime, which followed an E-class hero who unexpectedly gains the power to advance through the ranks in a world where people raid dungeons like an MMORPG, developed a sizable fan base.

The anime show’s seventh episode had Sung Jinwoo facing one of his toughest tasks to date: Cerberus, the three-headed hound, who is in charge of a 100-floor dungeon.

It ended in an unexpected away, and, sadly, fans will have to wait to see what’s coming next.

Solo Leveling Episode 8 is being replaced by a recap

Solo Leveling Episode 7.5 will run on February 24, 2024. It’s a recap that covers events so far with narration. Solo Leveling Episode 8 will then arrive on March 2, 2024.

This was revealed on the official X (formerly Twitter) account, and some viewers aren’t happy. “Another A1 recap episode,” said one user. “Worst news I’ve heard all week,” added another.

“The famous Aniplex recap strikes once again,” says a highly voted comment on Reddit. Distributor Aniplex has a habit of rolling out recaps, with shows such as 86 and Mashle: Magic and Muscles both getting mid-season montage episodes.

Frustrating though this may be, there are good reasons for such practice. Anime production works to hard deadlines, and creating a week’s breathing space can give the entire crew time to make sure we get the best quality possible. This allows for possible delays due to events and holidays happening in Japan.

Regarding Solo Leveling specifically, Taito Ban, who provides the voice of protagonist Sung Jinwoo, may have contracted Covid-19. On February 13, he declared himself sick on X, and it is likely that he took a break from filming his lines to give his voice a rest.

In any event, Solo Leveling won’t be returning for a little while longer. In the meanwhile, how about seeing the greatest anime, such as Solo Leveling?

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