The first electric street bikes from Kawasaki will be released this year.

The motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki had intended to debut its first electric bikes last year, but they are now preparing to do it this year. They disclosed some details on these brand-new electric motorcycles in Australia.

The new electric bikes, known as Ninja e-1 and Z e-1, resemble the models they previously displayed quite a bit. They resemble their conventional gas-powered motorcycles in terms of style.

These electric bicycles will have a 9.0 kW power rating, which is equivalent to 12.1 horsepower. This is Kawasaki’s first attempt at building fuel-efficient automobiles. The first of many novel and distinctive goods that Kawasaki will produce are these bikes.

Additionally, Kawasaki is getting ready to introduce a hybrid motorcycle the next year that will run on both petrol and electricity. They are also developing a hydrogen-powered motorbike.

In brief, Kawasaki will introduce two electric bikes with the names Z e-1 and Ninja e-1. These motorcycles will pave the way for Kawasaki to produce additional products that use a variety of fuels. They also intend to market a bike that runs on both petrol and electricity, and they are investigating the possibility of producing a bike that runs on hydrogen as well.

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