The Top 5 Body Horror Anime Series You Must Watch

The 5 greatest body horror anime that each courageous horror enthusiast should see are mentioned below. Body horror may make you feel both disgusted and spooked.

In anime, the horror genre need not necessarily include ghosts or spirits; occasionally, the human body may provide a spine-tingling experience. You can develop an appreciation for many creative forms by viewing the gory bodily transformations that occur in anime.

Each year, a number of new horror anime are released due to the anime industry’s growing popularity. It’s difficult to distinguish between the best body horror anime programs and the generic horror anime series since there have been so many great horror series released in the past ten years.

You’re in luck if you’re in the same situation and would want to watch some excellent body horror anime episodes. We’ve included a selection of the top anime shows that fall into this category in the post.

1. Parasyte: The Maxim

Unquestionably one of the greatest cult masterpieces that every anime fan should see is Parasyte: The Maxim, produced by Madhouse. You’ll get shivers throughout the whole 24-episode anime series because of the bodily contortions shown in it. This series is fundamentally terrifying, with human skulls popping open, sharp fangs protruding, and eyes emerging. In addition to its physical horror, Parasyte: The Maxim has a compelling plot and plenty of action scenes that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Parasyte: The Maxim depicts a universe where parasitic aliens have taken control. These beings infiltrate the human brain and assume complete control of the body. But Migi, the parasite, inadvertently gets into Shinichi’s right hand when it tries to use him as its host. They are now left with no choice except to battle every other parasite in order to survive and save the human race.

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is a contemporary anime featuring gory battle scenes and unsettling bodily modifications. Is there anything more deadly than a world where curses are seen to wander around? Yuji Itadori, the main character, becomes the receptacle of a strong curse known as Sukuna. Although Jujutsu Kaisen doesn’t meet the requirements for being classified as a body horror series, it does meet the requirements.

The king of curses can be seen messing with the corpses of his vessels as a patch-faced curse by the name of Mahito utilizes his Idle Transfiguration method to mutilate humanity. A devotee of body horror could not ask for more. For horror enthusiasts, Jujutsu Kaisen is a full package because it has some of the best combat scenes ever.

3. Junji Ito Maniac

An anthology anime series called Junji Ito Maniac has brief stand-alone episodes that will never stop confusing you. The series has an eerie quality to it that may make you shiver even when you’re asleep. Although you may have seen individuals in various anime endure extreme metamorphoses, Junji Ito Maniac’s portrayal of events is beyond horrifying.

One of the greatest horror manga creators, Junji Ito primarily writes about body horror or eldritch horror, which is too intense for most readers. For example, the anime shows a number of pupils changing into snails and a female getting shot and having her skull pierced like a balloon. That’s not all; the anime becomes creepier with each new episode. Junji Ito Maniac is thus worth watching if you have the stomach for the goriest things.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is set in a world where Ghouls, or monsters who devour flesh, live side by side. These creatures seem like people, but their only source of nourishment is human flesh. Similar to Jujutsu Kaisen, Tokyo Ghoul isn’t a body horror film in its whole, but it does qualify for this list because to a few key sequences. You will see the ghouls’ tentacle-like appendages emerging from their backs, which they use to assault people. Aside from that, the physical alteration that a human experiences after becoming the prey of a ghoul is terrifying.

The protagonist of the show is Kaneki, a young man who is attacked by a female on their first date. The poor guy then has a peculiar metamorphosis of one of his eyes and an odd enhancement of his other senses, turning him into a half-ghoul.

5. Made in Abyss

For those who enjoy all things scary, Made in Abyss is the ideal anime to watch in one sitting. Nothing stays the same for the happy anime characters as they plunge into a dark abyss, even if the series doesn’t appear scary at first.

Every person who chooses to solve the mysteries of the abyss faces a curse. You’ll also encounter the ferocious beast that lurks in the abyss, waiting for a fresh victim to arrive. Furthermore, disobeying the abyss’s norms and restrictions might have agonizing results. For example, many characters have sections of their bodies amputated or are shown to be bleeding through their eyeballs.

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