Top landing locations on the original Fortnite map include Kevin the Cube, Tilted Towers, and more.

Here are some of the more recognizable and well-known landing sites that players are sure to swarm upon dropping onto the classic BR area again. Fortnite has officially brought back its original Chapter 1 map in Season OG.

Among the most played games of the generation is Fortnite. It has sustained its buzz for years on end with fast-paced action, a virtually infinite array of skins, and other features that keep gamers coming back time and time again.
Even though the game may not resemble anything like it did in the beginning, gamers may now take a trip down memory lane.

With the release of the Fortnite Season OG update, players can now revisit the beloved Chapter 1, along with its iconic terrain and all of their beloved landmarks, weapons, cosmetics, and more.

But gamers haven’t been allowed to play on the original map in a very long time. Consequently, we have put together a list of some of the top landing locations for Fortnite’s original area.

Titled Towers

For good reason, Titled Towers was one of the first battlegrounds in Fortnite. Every home in the neighborhood is cherished and well-known. Players will land at Tilted Towers and be thrown right into the action between Big Ben and Main.

Even though landing in such a place might be risky, the cover provided by the homes offers a great vantage point that, if you can get there early and firmly establish your claim, can put you in a winning position.

“Hello, Kevin,” the release video for Epic Games’ Fortnite OG Season 6 update, teased a flurry of new, nostalgic upgrades, including the reappearance of Kevin the Cube.

Since it was first introduced to the game in Chapter 1 Season 5, Fortnite players have adored Kevin, the purple cube that has become a fan favorite. It’s back on the map, exactly where it was discovered back in 2018 at Loot Lake, and it’s going to be a hotspot for sure.

You can’t miss Loot Lake POI if you simply land there. It’s just beneath the floating island that’s hovering in the sky, close to the middle of the map. As further Season OG hotfixes and upgrades are issued, it is anticipated to relocate to other areas of the map, much like it did more than five years ago.

Shifty Shafts

Shifty Shafts puts players underground, although other players like to be high above the action. In addition, though, the nearby homes consistently provided excellent opportunities for looting, with excellent weapons and equipment that could be found and used at any point during the round.
Shifty Shafts is a fantastic second destination to visit when seeking action and wishing to take down other players. Prepare for an epic standoff for those who choose to land in Greasy Grove instead.

Dusty Depot

Even though Dusty Depot didn’t look like much at first, it turned out to be an excellent spot to retreat to and recuperate as the action was coming to an end. The Depot is still a popular drop location on the season 1 map since it offers excellent areas to hide and shield yourself from approaching fire, putting you in a good position right away.

Fatal Fields

Who doesn’t enjoy engaging in a full-on combat scenario in a stunning and colorful garden setting? As the name implies, Fatal Fields was never an easy spot to end up when exploring the original map.

It is possible that gamers will find great nostalgia in this lovely spot, where it has always seemed like a death trap. A sniper might try to take you out at any time by emerging from the vicinity. A player with a close-quarters weapon may be lurking around the corner, which would be much more terrifying. In case you’re looking for early combat, choose here as your drop-off place.

Pleasant Park landing spot

Pleasant Park is perhaps the first place that comes to mind for Fortnite gamers when they think about iconic locations. It’s all in this location. from structures to the surrounding landscape, mountains, and viewpoints.

Players are expected to rush into Pleasant Park once more with the reintroduction of the original map, causing havoc in this once serene and lovely place. When gamers go back into Pleasant Park, a frenzy is bound to ensue because there is some excellent loot in the structures as well.

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