Islamic Coin Launches Public Sale On Republic

Islamic Coin has initiated its Reg D Token Offering to the public in partnership with OpenDeal Broker LLC, known as The Capital R (“ODB”), a subsidiary of Republic. ISLM (Islamic Coin Token) is a digital currency designed in accordance with Shariah principles, emphasizing ethical values. This collaboration leverages the Republic’s support to showcase Islamic Coin’s market entry strategy. It also involves Republic Crypto, Republic’s crypto advisory service, which tailors tokenomics, DAO governance, and sustained economic utility value for the Islamic community. Additionally, the partnership between Republic Crypto and Islamic Coin is fortified by the establishment of relationships with potential strategic partners, exchanges, and market participants.

Following this public launch, members of the global Islamic Coin community will benefit from various opportunities, including providing liquidity, staking their holdings, and earning tokens during the liquidity mining phase.

Recently, the team successfully raised $193 million in private sales, with contributions from ABO Capital, DF 101, A195, and Optic Capital. Alongside these partnerships, Islamic Coin has established an exclusive integration with DDCAP Group, which includes a network of over 300 Islamic banks.

Islamic Coin is powered by HAQQ Network, a blockchain network compliant with Shariah principles, catering to the world’s 1.9 billion Muslim population and beyond. A noteworthy 10% of each Islamic Coin issuance is allocated to charitable causes.

Both the HAQQ and Islamic Coin platforms are endorsed by leaders from the royal families of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and the project is supported by experts in Islamic and traditional finance from Wall Street and the City of London.

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