Check out Jeff Bezos! Amazon is going to introduce its own line of smartphones.

It’s possible that Amazon Android may launch with its own Vega OS. Amazon is making a move into the smartphone industry.

Vega, the operating system that Amazon is creating, will take the role of Android on its Fire TVs, smart displays, and other linked devices. The Lowpass source claims that development on Vega has been ongoing since 2017 and that a distinct team was established to work on this new operating system.

Amazon’s Goal: Competing Phones for iOS and Android
Data from Lowpass indicates that in September of last year, at a technical event, Amazon revealed that they were assembling a team to work on Vega in an attempt to establish a “iOS/Android rival for all devices and the Internet of Things.” According to the Amazon staff member, the corporation is now “focused on the SDK and additional benefits that will entice developers to use it.”

Vega is currently under testing on Fire TV.
The new operating system has already been tested on Fire TV, according to Lowpass’s source, and Amazon has notified some of its partners about its intention to switch to the new app platform at a later time. According to the source, Vega OS-based Fire TVs may be released the following year.

Uncertainty: Tablets Amazon Fire
It’s unclear right now if Amazon Fire tablets will come pre-installed with Vega OS. Although Amazon Fire tablets usually depend on the native applications of Android, it would make sense for the business to incorporate the new operating system completely into its product line.

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