Two “insane” episodes of Season 2 are on the way, according to the creator of Invincible.

Invincible Season 2, Amazon Prime Video’s premiere animated superhero series, is set to have several upcoming “insane” episodes.

The very popular animated superhero series Invincible on Amazon Prime Video is finally returning for an incredible second season.

Based on the comic of the same name, the show centers on Mark Grayson as he discovers terrifying truths that his father has been withholding from him and grows up to be a superhero like his father, Omni-Man.

Following the events of the first season finale, which saw Mark brutalized and bloodied by his father, the program returned for a second season, which executive producer Robert Kirkman has promised would have many “insane” episodes.

Kirkman says Invincible fans are not ready for Episodes 4 and 8

Robert Kirkman, the creator, writer, and EP of Invincible, recently spoke to fans of the show during an early screening of Season 2 Episode 1 and a Q&A hosted by Collider.

When asked what viewers may anticipate from the remaining seven episodes of Season 2, Kirkman said, “By the fourth episode, I think people are going to be exhausted.” The fourth episode of the show will be its midseason finale, and it won’t return until four more episodes in 2024.

“It’s okay that most people will be sad about the break, but I’m thrilled about it. You must take the time and get enough rest. However, I believe that every episode develops, so by the time you reach the fourth one, you’re probably wondering, ‘How is this all happening?’ Kirkman went on. It’s insane, which is awesome.
As we go further, I mean, while Season 2 Episode 4 is a crazy, massive episode, Season 2 Episode 8 surpasses that. When will you all be seeing [Season 3, Episode 8]? Whoo!

Although Season 3 of Invincible has already been approved by Amazon, Kirkman thinks the series may go for seven or eight seasons in order to cover all 144 issues of the comic book spread across 25 volumes.

With so much to cover, many have queried why the program only airs eight episodes a season. Kirkman said, “I think six is too little; ten is a bit much.” The format of one hour is more difficult than the quantity of episodes. We could have been able to produce more episodes if it had been a half-hour program, but I prefer the hour-long format for this one.

In all honesty, I believe we could produce 20 episodes in a season. A season would be released in a mere seven years. However, eight seems to be the most workable and even number in terms of organization.

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