Ultraman: Rising Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Plot

Are you curious about the cast, plot, trailer, and release date of Ultraman: Rising?We’ve got you covered. Tsuburaya Productions’ forthcoming animated superhero film Ultraman: Rising is based on the Japanese Ultraman property. Tsuburaya Productions, Industrial Light & Magic, and Netflix Animation collaborated on the development of this new film.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Release date — when is Ultraman: Rising coming out?

Ultraman: Rising’s release date is June 14, 2024 on Netflix.

The June 14 release of Ultraman: Rising arrives five months after the film’s teaser dropped online.

Trailer — watch it now

You can watch the Ultraman: Rising teaser trailer below:

The teaser trailer for Ultraman: Rising provides audiences a quick glimpse of what to anticipate from the movie, including Ken Sato’s attempts to nurture the child of one of his worst foes. In addition to a thrilling action film, the video suggests that viewers will also be treated to a touching and realistic tale about the challenges of rearing a very young animal that is not related to you.

Cast — who is in Ultraman: Rising?

Ultraman: Rising’s cast includes:

  • Christopher Sean as Ken Sato/Ultraman
  • Gedde Watanabe as Professor Sato
  • Tamlyn Tomita as Emiko Sato
  • Keone Young as Dr. Onda
  • Julia Harriman as Ami

Plot – what’s the story about?

The protagonist of Ultraman: Rising will be Ken Sato, a well-known baseball star who goes back to Tokyo to assume the Ultraman persona. But he soon finds himself in a difficult predicament when he must nurture the children of his worst enemy.

Throughout the narrative, Ultraman will encounter difficulties relating to parenting a kid who was never really his own, in addition to difficulties stemming from leading a double life. Because of this, Ultraman finds himself in a scenario that is quite different from what he is used to, and he will need to rely on his cunning, perseverance, and resolve to succeed.

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