Welcome to Wrexham Season 3: Date of release, methods of viewing, and other information

This year, Wrexham AFC will continue its Cinderella narrative, and we have all the important information for you ahead of Welcome to Wrexham Season 3’s release date.

The football community was taken aback when Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds lent their Hollywood clout to Wrexham AFC’s attempts to avoid the National League. They were successful, and we are able to see the entire event on the small screen because of Disney+.

Thus far, we have seen Wrexham experience near-misses, win the championship, and develop a deep affection for every member of the Greyhounds’ roster. But there’s still a ton more stuff to come.

Huddle up and join our team talk here as we discuss the Welcome to Wrexham Season 3 release date, how you can watch the show, and what’s likely to happen this time around.

When is the Welcome to Wrexham Season 3 release date?

Welcome to Wrexham Season 3 will premiere on April 18, 2024, with new episodes arriving weekly thereafter.

That’s a lot earlier than the August release window we’ve seen for the first two seasons, and while that sounds like great news, it does come with a potential catch.

The football season lasts until May, so by the time the curtain rises, Wrexham may still have two games remaining in League Two this year, or even more if they finish in a play-off spot.

Thus, there’s talk that Season 3 of Welcome to Wrexham may actually be divided into two parts, with a second, lesser portion premiering later to (perhaps) highlight Wrexham’s most recent campaign. Everything will rely on how fast the show’s creators can assemble their elements while capturing the pivotal moments of the football season.

But hey, at least we’ll have the Deadpool & Wolverine release date to tide us over for Ryan Reynolds content if that does happen.

Is there a Welcome to Wrexham Season 3 trailer?

There is currently no trailer for Welcome to Wrexham Season 3, but with the release date just around the corner, we suspect something will arrive soon.

In the meantime, check out the club’s victory parade after last season’s title win.

Where can I watch Welcome to Wrexham Season 3?

You’ll be able to watch Welcome to Wrexham Season 3 through FX on Hulu in the US and on Disney+ in the UK just like the last two seasons.

Those first two seasons are on the platforms as we speak, so you’ve plenty of time to catch up with all the ups and downs of Wrexham AFC before the new episodes drop. If you need to sign up for either service, you can subscribe to Hulu here, or Disney+ here.

What will happen in Welcome to Wrexham Season 3?

Welcome to Wrexham Season 3 will follow the progress of the football club as they acclimatize to competing in League Two for the first time since 2008.

Whether that story has a happy ending or not remains to be seen, but Wrexham are currently fighting for an automatic promotion spot which would see them leave the division after just one season at that level. That kind of thing doesn’t happen all that often, and would be very impressive if they can pull it off.

Aside from the footballing matters, Welcome to Wrexham has always featured great insights into the personal lives of the players in the team, as well as shining a light on some of the wonderful fans who follow the club. We expect plenty more of that this time around.

Naturally, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds will also be a big part of the show as they continue to amuse us and assist the team grow both on and off the field.

As of right now, that’s all the information we have on the release date of Welcome to Wrexham Season 3, but we’ll be monitoring the scores and updating you accordingly.

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