Uncharted 2 movie: Everything we know about

Following the formal confirmation of a movie, here is all the information we currently know about Uncharted 2.

One of the most cherished PlayStation video game series ever is Uncharted. Many gamers have heard about Nathan Drake’s experiences. On the other hand, the 2022 Uncharted film introduced the character to moviegoers.

Instead of portraying Nathan Drake as the popular middle-aged hero, Tom Holland’s portrayal of a considerably younger Nathan Drake was the emphasis of Paramount’s presentation.

And while the movie was hit with mixed reviews, plans for a sequel are officially underway. With that being said, here is everything you need to know about the Uncharted 2 movie.

Tom Holland played Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie.

Is there an Uncharted 2 release window?

Given that talks for the sequel have only just begun, it is likely that fans will have to wait a few years before they are able to see Uncharted 2 on screens.

In August 2023, producer Charles Roven shared his thoughts on the possibility of a second film, stating: “The fans really liked the movie, and people who didn’t know anything about the game really liked the movie. So we are definitely looking to make another one of those.”

When a more concrete release window or date is announced, we’ll be sure to pop it in this section here for you.

Uncharted 2 cast: Who will star in it?

There’s no doubt when Uncharted 2 does get underway, it will do so with Tom Holland back as Nathan Drake. However, one main actor has already revealed that he has been contacted to reprise his role.

In a new interview, Mark Walberg revealed that he was told to start growing out his mustache to reprise his role as Sully for Uncharted 2.

In fact, they just called to let me know that the script was received. They suggested, “Start growing your mustache,” but I’m not able to develop a true beard or mustache. It will need some time. I’m curious to see how the tale unfolds and where our journey leads. We’ll see, but I’m happy since I know that people like the first one a lot.

Uncharted 2: What will the film be about?

No plot details about Uncharted 2 have been released. However, the second film could follow a similar plot to the narrative in one of the games.

The third game’s flashbacks are closer to the events in the first Uncharted movie than they are to the first one. As a result, the upcoming movie could resemble the original game more.

presenting characters from the video game series, including Elena Fisher, who would eventually become Drake’s wife.

But make sure to return to this page as we update it with the most recent information.

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