Why isn’t there One Piece Episode 1093 this week?

The fight between Law and Blackbeard is scheduled to air in One Piece Episode 1093, although the show has been postponed.

The Egghead chapter of the One Piece anime just started, and one of the most surprising bouts of the show—between Trafalgar Law and Blackbeard—is about to take place. Following their victory against Kaido, Luffy and Law part ways.

As Luffy finds himself on Egghead, Law comes into the most vicious and dangerous pirate in the New World. Although Law and Blackbeard finally met in the most recent episode, manga readers are aware that there will be more.

The upcoming episode will feature one of the biggest fights in the New World. However, One Piece Episode 1093 has been delayed since the recent episode doesn’t show a preview. Delve deeper to find out the reason.

Why One Piece Episode 1093 has been delayed

Officially, One Piece Episode 1093 will debut on February 11. Despite the lack of an official notification, the animation studio is to blame for the delay. There won’t be any other programming scheduled for that time slot since a recap episode will air the following week.

On February 4, a recap program focused on Trafalgar Law will air. In order to keep up with the manga, the series often broadcasts recaps every few weeks. They will eventually have enough material to adjust and won’t need fillers at all thanks to this. Compared to other long-running programs, One Piece features far fewer fillers despite airing nonstop since 1999.

Previously, Bartolomeo’s perspective on Luffy’s experiences was included in the recaps. This time, Law’s greatest achievements since his debut in the Sabaody Saga and his subsequent partnership with Luffy in Punk Hazard will excite viewers. There is going to be a fierce struggle between the two formidable pirates, Law and Blackbeard.

Law has just gained notoriety following the fight in Wano, despite the fact that Blackbeard is among the most deadly pirates in the New World. Blackbeard’s bounty is little over 3.9 billion berries, whereas Trafalgar Law currently has a bounty of 3 billion berries.

But is that sufficient to decide which of these two is the winner? The Blackbeard Pirates are among the most deadly criminals in the world, while Heart Pirates is notorious for having somewhat lesser crew members. It’s obvious that Blackbeard has the advantage over the adored Trafalgar Law among followers because he has been pursuing strong devil fruit users for the past two years.

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