Will Season 2 of Solo Leveling be released?

Solo Leveling has just concluded its first season in an epic finale, but will there be a Season 2 to continue the story?

Episode 12 of Solo Leveling Season 1 recently concluded. The boss of the Job Change Quest Dungeon, Blood-Red Commander Igris, may be defeated by Sung Jinwoo. But even when Igris loses, the battle goes on.

After beating the magician, Jinwoo finally sits down to relax, only to discover that he has been allocated to the Necromancer Class by the system. Not long later, he is also elevated to the rank of Monarch of Shadows.

Jinwoo has gained the ability to form an Army of the Dead. The narrative is far from done, as you are aware. Jinwoo will keep leveling up, but will the anime series accompany him along the way?

Is there going to be a Solo Leveling Season 2?

Solo Leveling Season 2 has officially been confirmed by Crunchyroll.

After the Season 2 finale was officially broadcast in Japan, the production studio released a teaser of a sequel. Solo Leveling Season 2 is titled “Arise from the Shadow,” and it will stream on Crunchyroll when it airs.

What arcs will Solo Leveling Season 2 cover?

The first 12 episodes of Solo Leveling adapt seven arcs (45 chapters) from the manhwa. These are D-Rank Dungeon, Reawakening, Instant Dungeon, Dungeon & Lizards, Dungeon & Prisoners, Yoo Jinho Raid Party, and Job Change Arcs. Season 2 of the anime will begin with Chapter 46, the Red Gate Arc.

According to The Bell, the entire manhwa will be adapted in six cours. Assuming that there are 12 episodes in each cour, the second season will also adapt about 45 chapters from the manhwa.

If we go by that theory, then the second season will most likely adapt Red Gate, Demon Castle, Retesting, Hunters Guild Gate, and Return to Demon Castle Arcs.

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