Explanation of the Solo Leveling anime episode schedule

Here is the whole schedule for Season 1 of the much awaited anime adaptation of Solo Leveling, which has become an enormous popularity.

One of the greatest anime series of 2024 thus far is Solo Leveling, which is based on the well-known manhwa by Chugong and Jang Sung-rak. The protagonist of the series, Sung Jinwoo, is a fan favorite who never seems to stop conquering dungeons.

Hirotaka Tokuda designed the monsters, Tomoko Sudo created the anime characters, and Noboru Kimura wrote the script. The world of the series has undergone significant transformation a decade ago due to the emergence of enigmatic portals linking it to a magical and monster-filled realm.

These creatures are unaffected by modern weaponry, yet certain people are endowed with superhuman abilities and are referred to as “hunters.” The narrative centers on the aforementioned Sung, who toils away hunting monsters in low-rank gates in order to support his sister’s schooling and his mother’s medical expenses. This is the Solo Leveling episode schedule in its entirety.

Solo Leveling episode schedule

debuted on January 6 and aired 12 episodes in Season 1.

  • 6 January – Episode 1
  • 13 January – Episode 2
  • 20 January – Episode 3
  • 27 January – Episode 4
  • 3 February – Episode 5
  • 10 February – Episode 6
  • 17 February – Episode 7
  • 24 February – Episode 7.5
  • 2 March – Episode 8
  • 9 March – Episode 9
  • 16 March – Episode 10
  • 23 March – Episode 11
  • 30 March – Episode 12

The official description of Solo Leveling, according to Crunchyroll, is as follows: “They say that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but that ain’t true for the weakest hunter in the world, Sung Jin-Woo.” Jinwoo returned carrying the System, a program that only he could see that was leveling him up in every manner, after being ruthlessly massacred by demons in a level-up dungeon. He is now motivated to learn the mysteries underlying his abilities and the dungeon that gave rise to them.

Additionally, you can refer to our tutorial on Solo Leveling Season 2. For the time being, everyone may enjoy seeing Sung Jinwoo meet the strongest Solo Leveling characters. Our list of the greatest anime like Solo Leveling contains a ton of options if you’re looking for something comparable.

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