‘Guntur Kaaram’, Mahesh Babu, Spices Up 2024 with a Record-Breaking Opening!

With its enormous opening day, Mahesh Babu’s most recent film, “Guntur Kaaram,” has lit the stage on fire, becoming the largest opening of the year and setting a record for the actor. A record-breaking achievement for a regional film, the film’s opening day gross of Rs. 94 crore globally was achieved by fans who flocked to the theaters, demonstrating Mahesh Babu’s enormous popularity with the public.

This movie serves as Mahesh Babu’s final big hit before his upcoming motion picture venture, a travelogue helmed by S.S. Rajamouli. Fans are anxious to observe the actor’s flexibility in his future endeavor.

With Guntur Kaaram’s success, people are clearly celebrating Mahesh Babu’s continued dominance in the regional cinema industry thanks to his captivating performances. Guntur Kaaram’s explosive action scenes, catchy soundtrack, and Mahesh Babu’s unquestionable on-screen presence have all won praise from critics. The actor’s position as one of the top stars in the business is further cemented by this film’s success at the box office.

In conclusion, “Guntur Kaaram” has not only secured its place as a record-breaking opener but has also set the stage for Mahesh Babu’s upcoming ventures, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next endeavour.

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