Has Solo Leveling manhwa been completed?

Solo Leveling Season 1 has officially ended with Sung Jinwoo’s new powers, but can you find out the ending in the manhwa?

One of the greatest anime series of 2024 thus far is Solo Leveling, which is based on the well-known manhwa by Chugong and Jang Sung-rak. The narrative takes place in a world that was radically altered ten years ago due to the development of enigmatic portals connecting the earth to a magical and monster-filled realm.

Certain humans have been endowed with superhuman abilities and are referred to as “hunters” as these creatures are immune to contemporary weaponry. The narrative centers on Sung Jinwoo, who relentlessly pursues monsters at low-rank gates in order to pay for his sister’s schooling and his mother’s medical expenses.

Despite being regarded as the weakest hunter, he gains new abilities after barely making it through a double dungeon. The first season of the anime, which premiered in January 2024, just finished its first cour. But there’s a huge cliffhanger at the conclusion, so you might be curious about what happens next. But will all of your questions be addressed in the Solo Leveling manga?

Has the Solo Leveling manhwa ended?

Indeed, the manhwa about Solo Leveling is long gone. The manhwa began publication in March 2018 and finished on December 29, 2021, with 179 chapters.But there are still a number of concerns that remain after the contentious conclusion of the primary narrative.

Fortunately, the plot was wrapped up in the side stories that were released between January and May of 2023. After the death of the original artist, Sung-rak Jang, disciples sketched the side stories. The manhwa is available to read on Tapas and Tappytoon.

Chugong started Solo Leveling as a web book. From July 2016 to July 2017, 243 chapters of the serial were published on KakaoPage. Later, D&C Media released it in English between November 2016 and October 2017. Chugong began posting the side tale in August 2017 and finished it in March 2018. In April 2018, D&C Media serialized it into a single volume consisting of 12 chapters.

Where should you read the manhwa after Solo Leveling Season 1?

Solo Leveling Episode 12

You can continue reading the manhwa from Chapter 46 after watching Solo Leveling Episode 12.

45 chapters from the manhwa are adapted in the first 12 episodes. The seven arcs that comprise these forty-five chapters are: Yoo Jinho Raid Party, D-Rank Dungeon, Reawakening, Instant Dungeon, Dungeon & Lizards, and Dungeon & Prisoners. Chapter 46, the Red Gate Arc, will open Cour 2, the anime’s first season.

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