Solo Leveling: Does Sung Jinwoo remain a hunter?

One of the best things about Solo Leveling is witnessing Sung Jinwoo’s journey from the world’s weakest hunter to the strongest. Halfway through the story, he has become so strong that it makes viewers question if Jinwoo is still a hunter in Solo Leveling.

Winter 2024’s breakout anime is Solo Leveling. The most talked-about anime of the season, it is an adaptation of Chugong, Jang Sung-rak, and Disciples’ action fantasy manhwa. The anime is expected to return later this year with a second cour after breaking some amazing milestones.

Hunters are supernatural beings in the Solo Leveling universe that finish tasks by passing through enigmatic portals to alternate realities. The main character, Sung Jinwoo, begins his quest as an E-rank hunter, the lowest level available to hunters. But in addition to being more stronger, he also possesses the abilities of a Shadow Monarch.

Jinwoo’s gradual increase in power and abilities and his current role as a Shadow Monarch in Solo Leveling raises the question if Jinwoo should still be called a hunter.

Is Sung Jinwoo still a hunter in Solo Leveling?

Sung Jinwoo is still a hunter in Solo Leveling despite his seeming limitless strength and current position as a Shadow Monarch.In fact, he is regarded as the world’s strongest hunter due to his diverse range of skills. Owing to his high skill level, he is designated as a hunter of the Mage class and goes on to form his own hunter guild.

Jinwoo continues to seek and completes many missions after signing up as a Player in the System. He eventually discovers how to use his power to transform vanquished opponents into members of his shadow army during the Job Change Arc. As a result, he gains the title of Shadow Monarch and all of its associated powers, such as Monarch’s Domain, Shadow Exchange, Shadow Preservation, and Shadow Extraction.

This, however, has no effect on Jinwoo’s employment as a hunter. It simply serves to hone his hunting skills. Following his transformation into a Shadow Monarch, he proceeds on a number of missions using his contacts to the elite hunter guilds in Korea. As his powers grow, he advances to the rank of Mage class hunter and finally rises to the position of guild leader of Ahjin Guild, the greatest guild in Korea.

Jinwoo fulfills his obligations as a hunter once more in the Red Gate Arc, which takes place after the Job Change Arc in Solo Leveling concludes.

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